SMM GoalQuest

SMM GoalQuest® is the industry's only patented incentive solution and platform.


SMM GoalQuest

Most incentive programs focus on moving the top 20% of salespeople, but the reality is your biggest lift and highest potential comes from your middle and low performers (the other 80%).

If you need to increase sales quickly you should focus on driving lift from all sectors of the performance bell curve with our GoalQuest® solution.

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SMM GoalQuest:

  • Is the only patented incentive system in the industry
  • It has demonstrated results for more than 600 programs and 700,000 salespeople.
  • Has a unique “move the middle” structure
  • It can be up and running within two weeks with no up front investment.
  • Check out the video at right to see the short GoalQuest overview.



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The value of goal setting has been measured, documented and fervently advocated for decades by self-help gurus. And hundreds of academic studies have also confirmed the efficacy of goal setting – thus demonstrating just how important goals are in improving performance.

So how come most sales people don’t know how to set effective goals – especially when it comes to ensuring incremental sales success?

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