October 2010

Energizing the Sales Force in a Down Economy

By Kevin Sensenig, global vice president, Learning and Organization Development, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

Why Marketers Must Change to Engage Today’s Shoppers

By Jeff Weidauer, vice president, Marketing, Vestcom International

Promote Your Brand with Branded Holiday Gifts

By Barbara Wells, senior vice president of Marketing, Merchandising, Global Supply Chain, and Logistics, Staples Promotional Products

Going International: Ideas for Entering Markets Around the Globe

By Ramez Naguib, P.E., LEED AP, CEM, engineering sales & marketing director, McQuay International

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Notification: The Secret Weapon for Improved Communication

By Larry Kettler, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, MIR3, Inc.

A great salesperson is someone you’d love to spend time with at a cocktail party, someone who is engaging, enthusiastic, persistent, fearless, focused,and motivated. But managing a team of these energetic, independent individuals can be an entirely different story.