November 2012

12 Things Salespeople Would Like To Tell Their Managers

In our November/December print issue, sales trainer Mark Hunter shared six things that salespeople would like to tell their manager. Here are those six and six more.

4 Fixes for Lackluster Leads

The battle for the success of your company is all about revenue, and it is being lost. Every day, I talk with executives who report revenue is coming up short, being left on the table and can’t be sustained. Profits are lost early in the sales cycle and at the close. Numbers are not being made despite much effort and huge investment. Why?

The social media conversation

The boardroom discussion with your boss, aka ‘ROI Guy.’   By Scott Stratten
You: I’d like to spend some time replying to customers on social media.

Top Performers - November/December

An assortment of new incentive ideas and marketing tools from our advertisers
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