February 2013

5 Steps to Creating Your Own Company Culture

To ensure success, a company’s culture needs to be structured to align with the wants, needs and demands of its employees and customers. Companies must be transparent in what they do and why they do it to attract and retain people, and they must treat employees and customers like they matter.

The new ABCs of selling

Daniel Pink's new book, “To Sell Is Human,” offers a fresh look at the art and science of selling and states that everyone is in sales in one fashion or another.

Product Review - January-February

If StubHub had not already laid claim to its Ticket Oak anthropomorphized mascot, the gift card industry would be a perfect fit. The utility of gift cards is absolute. And the gift card “tree” that is a staple of any self-respecting grocer is testament to the popularity of the plastic, pocket-sized currency.

How far we’ve come; how far we can go

In researching our cover story topic, we discovered Funnelholic.com, a fun and insightful B2B blog by Craig Rosenberg, an independent consultant based in Northern California. In his Jan. 5 post titled “Ridiculous ramblings about the marketing automation market,” Rosenberg talked about the changes this new software platform has already experienced.

Bots Rule

Read the online conversations regarding marketing automation and it quickly becomes apparent that different companies have vastly different comfort levels regarding their use of this highly publicized high-tech tool (if they’ve adop

The 3 conversations that follow feedback

Three conversations follow negative feedback: excuse, denial and/or tell-me-more.
Dan Rockwell, who comments regularly on leadership at leadershipfreak.wordpress.com, explains: