June 2013

Socratic Questions Help Prospects Uncover Truth

One of the secrets to sales success goes back some 3,000 years to ancient Greece. The philosopher Socrates used carefully crafted questions to help his students learn more, using knowledge they already had.

5 Reasons Why Sales Makes Marketing Mad

One of the biggest problems in any company with separate sales and marketing departments is what is sometimes calls sales and marketing alignment. This can be a problem regardless of how large or how small. In other words, how do sales marketing get along, how do they interact, and how can the processes between them be improved?

If You Love 'Em, Keep 'Em

Managers are forever looking for ways to improve their team's performance – be it the latest business book, closing technique or marketing automation tool. But they often overlook a valuable tool that's right under their noses: their organization's talent management practices.

'Gold Calling' Is Alive and Well

S. Anthony Iannarino wrote in a blog that “All generalizations are lies.” One of the biggest and most damaging is that cold calling is dead.