January 2014

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Top Performers - January-February

An assortment of new incentive ideas and marketing tools from our advertisers

Product Review - January-February

According to a report from CEB (formerly known as the Corporate Executive Board), $118 billion was loaded on gift cards last year, an increase of nearly 8 percent over 2012. That means that U.S. consumption of gift cards exceeds the GDP of 136 countries.

Two fool-proof methods for getting buy-in

Two methods work the best when it comes to getting buy-in for new content marketing projects or additional budget.

The Pilot

The C word - What is Content Marketing?

It goes by many names: custom publishing, custom media, private media, branded content, brand journalism and inbound marketing to name a few. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, defines it this way: 

Employee engagement: the significant statistics behind the philosophy

Employee engagement — it’s often iterated, but rarely initiated. Review any organization that has earned a “best place to work” designation and you’ll discover a common thread: employees who are highly engaged.