October 2014

Funnel vision

Noticeably unnoticeable

In his new book “Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion,” journalist David Zweig explores the work of some top-performing professionals in behind-the-scenes positions. These intrinsically motivated workers are critically important to the high-profile projects they are involved with, but the general public is none the wiser – and the Invisibles are just fine with that.

Formula for incentive success: keep reps engaged

When Time Warner Cable decided to turn its local cable payment centers into full-blown retail stores, more than the stores needed renovating. The company put its customer service employees through a sales training program, provided ongoing coaching and transitioned them from hourly wage workers to salaried with a commission.

Money, motivation and mental accounting

Highlighting our irrational selves is part of what behavioral economists do. Their studies show human beings are inconsistent in the way we deal with money. We’ll drive across town to save $20 on a $50 slow cooker, but wouldn’t budge from the couch to save $20 on a $5,000 television. (It’s still $20 isn’t it?)

To motivate others, know what motivates you

Are you wrestling with a logjam of middle performers who don’t seem to respond to your incentive programs? It may be time to get to know yourself better.

Product Review - November - December 2014

Procrastinators rejoice! There’s still time to take care of your top performers and key clients without revealing your lack of planning. These corporate gift suppliers are ready to rock your recipients’ holidays.

Doing business the Eleanor Roosevelt way

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” While she was encouraging personal boldness, the message is also applicable to corporate life. Courage pays off. 


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