March 2015

A Not-So-Secret Sales Weapon

Along with being a vehicle for announcing important company developments, online news releases can also be a powerful tool to help B2B companies dramatically increase incoming customer inquiries, fresh leads, and new sales opportunities. They can also energize offline sales, activate old or uninterested prospects, and stimulate the beginning stages of buyer’s journeys from new customers.

Trade Show Smackdown

At the same time that businesses embrace technology that allows them to connect wirelessly, sell remotely and send marketing content automatically to prospects based on expressed interests, many of them also continue to cling to the timeless tactic of trade show marketing.

Top Performers - March-April 2015

Cultivating high performance

Buyers’ biggest frustrations

As buyers become more immune and intolerant of inefficient product purchasing and services for their organizations, many vendors appear to be taking the “quantity over quality” route with their sales methods, rather than refining their approach.

Informed B2B buyers are here to stay

The information-rich, social world we now occupy has changed the buying world beyond recognition. The availability of information online has seen broader web searches (75%) and vendor websites (73%) become a more popular source of information over traditional “direct” approaches, such as events or conferences (54%) (see chart above).

Giving customers the marketing they want

The shifting B2B buying process means that reallocating sales and marketing budgets is a good idea for many companies. Where to shift resources and how to know if it’s working are two important questions to tackle.

Product Review - March-April 2015

Employee recognition programs are only as effective as the rewards you choose. The most effective rewards take top performers to a happy place—a favorite hobby, a relaxing break from the daily grind or a happy memory of a job well done. Recognition doesn’t always have to be overwhelming. Small expressions of gratitude often leave the biggest impressions.

Team building that comes with a hard hat

To all of those business-suited workers who spend lunch hours gazing longingly at fenced-in construction sites watching large machines push tons of dirt and steel around, Randy Stenger has the outlet for you.


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