October 2015

The Science of Compelling Presentations

What makes a presentation compelling? Why does presenting a product or service one way reduce the likelihood of the sale, while presenting the same product or service in another way increase the probability of the purchase?

What My Neighbor’s Dog Taught Me About Sales Enablement

A few years ago, my two children and I really wanted a dog.  However, my wife was dead-set against getting one. So since our house is a democracy, except that my wife gets four votes, she outvoted us and we did not get a dog.
Shortly after this decision was made, our neighbors got a new puppy. They felt he would be a good companion for their wheelchair-bound daughter, Delaney. 

Make a Great Impression at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Companies typically give a lot of thought to how they’ll make a positive first impression with customers. Marketing experts carefully craft a brand image over time, strategizing on how to best convey the company’s value proposition and polish their image with prospects, existing customers and the marketplace.

5 Pricing Mistakes to Avoid

The influx of new sales enablement softwareoptions has completely changed the way sales teams operate, eliminating many disconnections in the sales process. But even with this newfound efficiency, there’s one thing sales still needs to ensure buyers act: a good pricing strategy. Here are a few major pricing strategy mistakes that could ruin your sales and what you should do instead:

Will You Hit Your 2015 Revenue Target?

The way people are buying has changed selling. Although face-to-face meetings often seal a million-dollar deal, most relationships are built through emails, phone calls and online demos, rather than dinners, conferences and golf games. Businesses are selling globally, which means the deals are being discussed, negotiated and signed digitally.

Telling Your Customer’s Story

Companies have been talking about sales enablement for some time now, but in many ways the definition remains open for interpretation. To some, it may be nothing more than a portfolio of PowerPoint decks, while to others it is support from marketing or other areas of the company in order to have the knowledge to deliver the message a salesperson thinks the customer wants.

Why Marketing-Generated Leads Die on the Vine

Not long ago, I was talking to the marketing director of a mid-sized manufacturing client about leads. He explained that his company’s biggest problem lay on the sales side: “We pass off hundreds of great leads to sales and they never follow up on them,” he complained. Strangely enough, I’d had a similar conversation with some of the company’s sales reps earlier in the day.

A Trout, a Salmon and a Case for Practice

Baseball pundits have long hailed Angels outfielder Mike Trout as a “natural.” He entered the league at 19 and by 23, Trout had appeared in four All-Star games and won an MVP award.

Technophobia: A Luxury That Sales and Marketing Managers Can’t Afford

The villain of the “Terminator”series isn’t the Terminator; it’s Skynet, the evil computer. It’s the same in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, and countless others. In some quarters, technology – particularly automation technology – is viewed with suspicion.

Quick Fixes for a More User-Friendly Website

As a 24/7 salesman, your website has the potential to be your most powerful asset and the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. But rapidly changing technology can make your website feel old and outdated. A redesign maybe ideal but who has the time or the budget?


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