January 2016

Psychology as a Sales Management Tool

One thing is certain in the new year, customers will continue to go online to avoid anyone with sales in their job title. A recent study by Forrester Research states that over 1 million sales jobs will be lost by 2020. Any salesperson that doesn’t add value, understand his or her products, or help their customer navigate through the buying process will be irrelevant or ignored.

3 Reasons Why Training Alone Isn’t Enough

Growing up, I was a sports fanatic. I especially loved team sports, and often found my world revolving around individual training, team practices and games. From a young age, my coaches played a significant role in my life. They helped me chase goals, contribute to the team, enjoy the experience and ultimately taught me the value of being coached.

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7 tips for asking questions that will engage prospects
Buyers recoil when you go too deep, too fast. They resent it when you ask them to fill out a checklist of predetermined questions without taking a personal interest in each response. They feel manipulated when you fire back solutions before delving deeper into their feelings and problems. Shari Levitan offers 7 tips that will lead to better conversations with prospects.

What’s Hot in Training Trends?

The training industry is in a state of constant evolution as corporate travel budgets shrink and the use of technology grows, but what are some of the hottest trends currently? Let’s take a look at a few that are garnering attention:

Follow the Money

5 Ways to Generate Successful Leads

The argument that all you need is a smart sales executive and a bit of intuition to succeed at selling is now redundant. Technology-enabled selling is now key. Making sure the sales process is successful requires coordination across multiple facets of a business, involving sales, marketing and almost any customer facing member of staff.

The takeaway on giveaways

You don’t stop daily to notice the calendar you received from your Realtor or the refrigerator magnets from the neighborhood pizza place. But when you need to reach that business, you know instantly where to turn. Marketing strategies have changed drastically over the centuries, but as Paul Bellantone, president and CEO of the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) explains, promotional products have always produced stellar results.

Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

One of my favorite things about the end of the year (aside from the holiday cheer) are the year-end reviews of movies, music, news stories and almost anything else you can think of. But we’re past that now, and the new year brings with it an inclination to plan ahead — to resolve to improve in certain areas and map out a strategy to do so.

Empower Your Small or Mid-Sized Sales Team With Better Call Analytics

It surprises many people that small and mid-sized businesses make up a majority of employer firms in the United States (99.7% to be exact). The U.S.