February 2016

Sales Enablement: How to Effectively Increase the Sales Productivity of Your Team

Despite the ever-increasing connected world and the wealth of information at our finger-tips, the modern day sales cycle has become more difficult to implement. Companies are increasingly challenged to condense sales cycles and increase sales productivity and deal velocity. Sales enablement is designed to address these challenges.

Is Your Sales Organization Fit to Win?

Big data and predictive analytics have empowered companies to connect with customers and prospects in ways unimaginable just five years ago. Today, the emerging field of behavioral analytics is focusing the lens on internal sales organizations.

Vertical Impact: Cutting Out the Middleman

Dealer, agent, reseller or intermediary – these are all names for indirect channels that arise when third parties take over sales and logistics from other suppliers. Moving down the channel, consumers prefer these middlemen, as dealer competition results in lower prices. Moving up the channel, suppliers are typically not fond of such indirect sales methods.

The Web Is Not A Distribution Channel

I’ve spent the better part of my career growing businesses that had enormous sales and marketing operations. I’ve also seen myriad “sales enablement” strategies designed and implemented. Some were successful, many were not.