June 2016

Finish strong

In athletics, a coach’s post-game talk is an integral piece of a squad’s season-long effort to learn and grow. Why should it be any different in the world of business?

Orlando keeps top ranking as U.S. meeting destination

Orlando held on to its ranking as the top meeting destination in the U.S., as rated by Cvent, a leading event management technology company. Chicago, which was No. 3 in Cvent’s 2015 rankings behind Las Vegas, swapped places with Las Vegas this year. Atlanta and San Diego rounded out the top five.

Why you can’t ignore blogging or B2B SEO anymore

Are you blogging? According to a Social Media B2B study, B2B brands that blog generate 67 percent more leads per month than those that don’t. Optimizing that digital content isn’t sexy, but it has become too important to ignore, says Nate Dame, founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Propecta. Dame discussed why B2B marketers need to get serious about SEO in a recent blog for Marketo:

Too cute by half

As we were headed to press with this annual issue on technology and its impact on the worlds of sales and marketing, the Tribune Media Company, owners of such notable newspaper brands as the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and Baltimore Sun, announced it is rebranding the company as “tronc.”

The Agony of Chasing New Business

The pit in cold callers’ stomachs should growl with hunger every day. Hunger can’t be taught or nurtured. You’re either born hungry or you’re not. You’re either fully consumed by a visceral, bone-deep desire to succeed or you’re not. ‘Content’ is a dirty word in sales. It’s usually the incipience of losing interest in selling.

Drive Results By Selling Change

You have built a beautiful business. But lately, waves of change are slowly eroding its base. Until now you have held back the damage by reinforcing the foundation. Then one day the realization hits you: you must move the whole structure, or it will be swept away, like a sandcastle on the beach.

3 Marketing Secrets to Adopt for Better Sales Game

The marketing industry was transformed by technology well ahead of sales. Since the early 1990s, marketing tactics have incorporated big data and automation. More recently, though, the sales industry has gone through its own digital renaissance – evidenced by the proliferation of tech tools and the advancement of prospecting techniques.