August 2016

The War Room and What It Can Tell You

So there we were… the War Room.

Stop the Launch! 4 Reasons to Avoid a Company Opening Event

Every entrepreneur needs a healthy amount of self-esteem. After all, if they didn’t believe in themselves, they wouldn’t bother launching businesses.

Discovering Buyer Insights Through Perception

The following story derives from conversations with “Pat,” a sales team member, after our several interactions with a customer in the medical equipment industry. Given Pat’s impressive selling expertise, I decided to probe his thinking after each sales call we made together in order to gain insights on why he reacted in certain ways.

Challenge the Status Quo with Insight-Based Direct Questions

When customers understand their problems, it’s easy for salespeople to lead them through discovery, because customers don’t need salespeople to shine the light of insight on visible problems. A salesperson can simply confirm the value of their product by asking generic questions.

Your Company’s Biggest Information Security Risk? Your Employees.

Some of the biggest, most damaging security breaches in history occurred in 2015.

Three Simple (and Free!) Tactics to Boost Sales Performance

Most sales organizations are not unlike a college class being graded on the Bell Curve. Typically, 20 percent are top performers – these A+ performers get it done with minimal support. The D’s and F’s in the bottom 20 percent are either new or need to find another line of work. Middle performers represent over half the sales force.

Close More Sales with Lead Validation

Lead validation is the labor-intensive process of listening to recordings of phone inquiries and reading form submissions generated by SEO, PPC, email marketing and other Internet marketing campaigns, to separate true sales leads from non-leads such as spam, sales solicitations, customer service inquiries, etc.

Understanding Sales Equity

So Just What Is Sales Equity?
To borrow a phrase from the financial industry, “equity” (the value you receive) is simply your “asset” (what you get) minus your liability (“what it cost you”):

The Dangers of Not Attributing Customer Calls to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has gone mobile. And thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, consumers are responding to search, social, display and other digital ads and campaigns by calling businesses by the billions.

GoalQuest at the Corporate Visions Conference in Phoenix

Welcome CORPORATE VISIONS attendees. I look forward to meeting you at the Conference in Phoenix and discussing how SMM GoalQuest can help you  and your sales team grow your revenues faster.   

I can share with you in more detail the points below About GoalQuest: