October 2016

As Go Your Sales Managers, So Go Your Salespeople

In a past survey, the Association for Talent Development revealed that a whopping 87 percent of managers become such without prior management training and education. This sets them up for seagull management – they fly in, crap on people and fly back out. By crap, I don’t mean that they necessarily treat people badly. What I do mean is that they aren’t delivering much value to their people.

The Meetings and Events Whisperer

Ray Bloom is the founder and chairman of IMEX Group, which organizes the largest worldwide exhibitions for the incentive travel and meetings industry, including IMEX America

Companies Create New Strategies to Respond to Brand Bullying

Finding news stories, blog posts and other content about “the problem with user reviews” isn’t hard. Reviews and rankings connect with so many disciplines – marketing, hospitality and increasingly lawyers and legislators – that virtually everyone now has a stake in them.

Can Millennials Sell?

Stereotypes about generations of people are nothing new, necessarily.