December 2016

Why a call to an IMRA rep makes sense

Why wouldn’t I just buy brand names at my local retailer or big box store?

Small businesses make big use of merchandise

A new survey of small businesses reveals high levels of success with merchandise incentive programs. Small businesses believe that merchandise incentives improve morale (82%), are an effective motivator (80%) and are more memorable than cash rewards (61%).

Don’t try this at home

We have grown accustomed to a do-it-yourself world. The days of having someone fill your gas tank are long gone. We seldom interact with a bank teller or a travel agent anymore. The pump jockey, the teller, the travel agent and dozens of other services have been replaced by self-directed transactions.

Product Review - January/February 2017

You can’t please all of the people, all of the time. Or can you?

Increase your incentive travel ROI

Organizations typically evaluate ROI of incentive travel efforts through simple math: compare the amount spent on the incentive program to the growth in sales during the incentive period. But that is not adequate, according to Kent Cisewski, president of Fusion Performance Group. Last fall, he hosted a small group of executives at an executive thought leader summit in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

IMEX identifies 2017 meetings trends from A to Z

The IMEX Group, which operates two of the largest annual expos in the world on incentive travel and meetings, has identified five trends for 2017, beginning at A and ending at Z.
AI and VR

Embrace experimentation in the new year

For many, a new year is the time to reassess things — in business and life — and tweak what needs tweaking. Experimentation is necessary and helpful when leading teams, but it’s also risky and hard.

Don’t let ’em see you sweat

The noncommittal committal —“We’ll think it over and get back to you” — is a sales rep’s equivalent of the spinning circle of death for Windows users. Something good could happen, but it’s not likely.

Where work is headed

Teamphoria, a developer of software that helps businesses create positive and engaging organizational environments, identified five HR trends for 2017: