January 2017

Pre-game To Improve Sales Performance

So often in sports we learn about how one team prepares for the other. They watch the films and listen to the interviews that are conducted by the media to see if they can pick up a couple of clues or tendencies that will lead to a victory.

The High Cost of a Disengaged Work Force

Gallup surveys how many employees in the U.S. work force are engaged and reports its findings each year. Nearly seven in 10 (68 percent) are disengaged as of the 2016 report. Ever since Gallup began measuring employee engagement in 2000, the percentage of engaged workers in the U.S. has never topped 33 percent. Worldwide, only 13 percent of employees working for an organization are engaged.

Is the 57% Statistic An Urban Legend?

Most marketers and sales pros have accepted the stat that says buyers are at least 57 percent of the way through the buying cycle by the time they engage a salesperson. A recent State of the Conversation report from my company found that nearly 80 percent of marketing and sales leaders believe the stat is true.

Advanced Email Analytics can Increase ROI

Email marketing and email service providers frequently give users a wealth of data from open rates, CTRs, and conversions. Tracking, interpreting, and using that data however can be a tricky beast. And, do these data points offer enough information for businesses to make effective choices about how they market to consumers?

5 Key Traits of Winning Sales Proposals

You’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into the sales process, and now it's time to present your prospect with a winning proposal that will close the sale so you can move on to the next one.

Deconstructing Sales for Go-to-Market Success

Whether you’re a startup or more established business, there are times the sales team needs to be refocused. This is required when a new market opportunity emerges or your company launches a new product and suddenly your sales team is treading in unfamiliar waters.

A super power for sales pros

In sales training on questioning skills, I ask reps in the room to choose a super power that would help them increase their performance. It’s a fun question and lets people imagine, well, unimaginable success.

Top Tips When Taking A Client to the Super Bowl

There’s a reason companies spend billions of dollars each year on client entertainment: it works. Taking prospects and clients to a game can be a powerful way to deepen and advance your relationship. And when you take them to a once-in-a-lifetime event like the Super Bowl, the potential return can be limitless.

A Marketing Tool that Should be in Your Mix

Business leaders often question how public relations can help them close sales. Digital marketing and advertising feel reassur­ing because the results are more quantifiable. But let me ask you a question: When you’re surfing your favorite news site, are you more likely to validate what you see in an article or an ad?

3 Sales Management Blunders You Must Eliminate to Hit Quota Consistently

Deny first and blame others second. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, that is often the stance sales managers take when their numbers come up short. And once this happens, sales rarely trend upwards because sales teams thrive in competitive but supportive atmospheres—not ones littered with finger-pointing and ‘it’s not my fault’ attitudes. As the old saying goes, it starts at the top.