January 2017

4 Tips to Get Sales Reps on Board with Account-based Marketing

Sales and marketing executives like to latch onto trendy initiatives and programs, sounding like a “Buzzword Bob” every time a new methodology hits the mainstream. Every few quarters, the profession of selling is upended by another trend that, for better or worse, promises to be the next pathway to every rep’s accelerators.

How to Build a Sales Readiness System to Fuel Growth

As a sales or sales enablement leader, you know quite well that it’s not easy to properly select, prepare, manage, lead or change a sales force.

How Microfunnels Can Score a Bigger Holiday Bonus

When the holidays come around, there’s a standard soundtrack of 80s holiday hits: John Lennon, David Bowie, Bing Crosby, and Wham! fill your ears practically all of December.

Get social or get left behind

Mike Derezin, vice president of sales for LinkedIn Sales Solutions, says in an era in which social sellers realize 66 percent greater quota attainment than those using traditional prospecting techniques (a Sales Benchmark Index statistic), if you’re sales team doesn't adopt social selling strategies, it may not be selling for long.

The upside of employee pushback

Are your employees engaged enough to push back against your company’s questionable strategies?

The Numbers Attached to Disengagement

Portland-based consultancy Happy Brain Science may sound soft and fuzzy, but founder Scott Crabtree says everything he shares with clients about employee engagement is founded in proven scientific research. He cautions that it’s wise to be a little wary about the warnings from consultancies such as Gallup and Hay Group about the risks of employee disengagement.

4 Pillars of a Highly Engaged Work Force

A lot of companies make efforts to increase engagement, but they don’t have the formal mechanisms to plan it and track their progress, says Autumn Manning, co-founder and CEO of YouEarnedIt, a technology company that provides a platform (software as a service) for real-time recognition.

Mind the GAPs to Increase Engagement

Scott Crabtree of Happy Brain Science offers the mnemonic device "Mind the GAPs" to help business leaders remember how to improve workplace engagement.