March 2017

Do your customers or your reps control the sales conversation? (and who should?)

Someone calling himself “Wonderboy”posting on a forum at tossed out a question that started a sizeable chunk of the B2B sales world talking.

Product Review - March-April 2017

Finding a healthy work/life balance is widely accepted as a way to be more productive. “When a company recognizes that employees have lives outside the workplace, it sends the message that the organization sees staff as human beings instead of rows on a spreadsheet,” states Bonnie Crater, president and CEO of Full Circle Insights, a provider of sales and marketing performance products.

Is flying solo the way to go?

Last year, the Incentive Federation reported results of a research study showing that 84 percent of all U.S. firms use non-cash incentives in some manner to motivate and engage their workforce. According to the same study, 45 percent of all businesses using non-cash rewards use incentive travel awards in some manner.

Learn a new language

Ten years ago, the world was wowed by an unusual UPS commercial where an artist did whiteboard drawings of their services.

Email and SEO are top revenue generators

B2B marketers’ primary goal with their digital marketing efforts is to improve lead quality rather than increase quantity, according to the 6th annual State of B2B Digital Marketing Report from DemandWave, a B2B digital marketing agency. Nearly half (48 percent) of the approximately 200 U.S. B2B marketing professionals who responded to the survey listed delivery of quality leads as the No.

More features don’t always help retain customers

Companies emphasize long-term relationships with existing customers while also experimenting with adding new features to a product or service that will attract new ones.

Marketers’ role in a better customer experience

The customer experience isn’t just an abstract notion that lives in business school articles and consultants’ strategy documents. It’s the real, down-to-earth thing that customers, well, experience with the products they use every day.

Respect gets content noticed

With 2 million blog posts published every day, how do you make your content stand out? Establishing trust is a top priority, states entrepreneur John Rampton in a story for If your target audience doesn’t believe your content is credible, they will quickly navigate away. Rampton offers these tips for establishing trust through B2B content marketing:

Content distribution: the next digital challenge

If 2016 was the year that a wave of B2B companies became convinced of the importance of content marketing, 2017 will be marked by a search to squeeze more value out of the content they are producing.

How to land your industry’s great whites

Every business, large and small, has a list of great white sharks they would love to reel in. Phil Bolton, director of Outside Innovation at Reckitt Benckiser (RB), a British maker of hygiene and home products, says we are in an era when you don’t necessarily need the biggest boat to land the prize catches.