March 2017

4 tips for more effective recognition

A positive work culture is one of the most important competitive advantages a company can develop. Recognition in the workplace is a key means of creating the type of work environment that produces employee engagement and long-term loyalty. Mukesh Gupta, a customer advocate for software giant SAP, recently shared these tips for effective employee recognition programs on

3 tips for effective sales questions

Many salespeople have a series of thought-provoking questions for their prospects, but too often present them in a manner that turns prospects off rather than engaging them. Prospects resent it when you ask them to fill out a checklist of predetermined questions without taking a personal interest in each response.

Big, hairy goals in bite sizes

When is a dream too big? When is it not big enough? When should the dream change? One of the most important roles leaders fulfill is sorting it all out for an organization and/or team pushing for greatness.

Frothy insights

I plead guilty to enjoying a cold beer or two, and I’ve watched with amazement as the decade-long bull market in the craft beer industry shows no signs of abating.

5 Sales Mistakes to Avoid in the New Digital Environment

Now that everything and everyone is online, we live in a world of information overload. Getting people’s attention is harder than ever. With so much access to choice and knowledge, customers are taking their purchase journey online, where the influence of salespeople matters less and less.

3 Things Great Sales Managers Do Differently

Whenever I meet with sales managers, I ask them to do a quick exercise where they grade each of their reps on two factors: skill and attitude. After talking about the insights this gives the managers into their reps’ development needs, I challenge them this way: “This is a report card on your salespeople, right? …Wrong!  It’s actually a report card on your sales leadership.”