April 2017

Your Email Strategy Needs an Update

As a salesperson today, the content of your emails needs to be much tighter and the cadence of your outreach much more sophisticated if you hope to engage with your prospects. Here's how to transform email from a crutch for contacting prospects to a stepladder to meaningful connections.

4 Powerful Forces That Drive B2B Purchasing Behavior

Customers don’t actually care about features. They care about making progress. While it may not be easy, gaining an appreciation for your customer’s motivations is absolutely worthwhile.

5 Reasons Salespeople Need a Mentor

Embedding a mentoring culture into your organization is a feasible way to get more effort and performance out of your salespeople, reduce employee turnover, and ensure your people are constantly engaged and developing.

To Fuel Your Marketing Engine, Fill Up on Creative

Content has long been fuel for the marketing machine, but in recent years the demand for it has grown at a compounding rate. Savvy consumers increasingly require personalized, design-driven marketing across a proliferating span of channels before engaging with a brand.

Peer-to-Peer Selling Is A Modern B2B Strategy for Winning Sales

Sellers are producing more content marketing than ever to touch buyers earlier; but, ironically, they are making buyers feel more overwhelmed – and even annoyed – by the overwhelming amount of online content.  To cut through the noise and madness of this process, buyers are turning to their peers for answers. Here's how businesses should respond.

Put Sales and Marketing to Work by Turning Your Total Addressable Market into a Targetable List

In recent articles, we looked at why an analysis of your ideal customer profile (ICP) and total addressable market (TAM) is foundational to modern sales and marketing initiatives, and also provided a framework for

Maximize Growth by Targeting Your Total Addressable Market

Understanding your total addressable market ensures you’re targeting every potential customer. But determining your total addressable market (TAM) isn’t as easy as saying “every company in the so-and-so industry.” First, you need to define your ideal customer profile, or ICP. Joe Andrews of InsideView explores in the second of a three-part series.

3 Things You Must Know Before You Start Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is red hot today, and for good reason. According to ITSMA, 84 percent of marketers are seeing higher ROI with ABM than other marketing programs. But before you jump on the bandwagon, it’s important to recognize that successful ABM starts by diligently selecting your account and contact targets. In the first of a three-part article series, Joe Andrews of InsideView discusses three things you should know before you launch an account-based marketing program.

Peer-to-Peer Selling Is Modern B2B Strategy for Winning Sales

The modern B2B sales and marketing journey has evolved. The internet empowers buyers with more access to information, most likely 50 to 80 percent of the way through their cycle before they engage a salesperson.