May 2017

2017’s Top 4 Sales Trends

“Sell more. Sell faster.” Surely you heard some variation of that directive during 2017 sales kickoff season. The question is, how? Through constant innovation, companies test, shift and change their approaches to sales, with the ongoing mission of accomplishing those twin goals.

The First 30 Seconds Count

The tone of any business meeting, sales call or introduction is often set within the first 30 seconds and guided by how the visiting party greets the host. An incorrect greeting, a handshake that lingers for too long, or a bungled attempt at observing local custom could taint the entire meeting and spoil the deal.

A front-row seat at a failed business experiment

Downtown Project (DTP) is Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s effort to rebuild Downtown Las Vegas into the most community-focused large city in the world. He invested $350 million of his own money, started recruiting entrepreneurs in 2012 and put a five-year timeline on the project.

No guru, no method, no leader

If reading books by or about great business leaders is enlightening and inspiring, reading about business leaders who have attained significant success almost in spite of themselves is engrossing in a whole different manner.

5 Reasons Sellers are Leaving Your Organization

Today’s work environment makes seller retention even more challenging as Millennial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer sellers have very different expectations of their job, their managers, and their organization overall. Research indicates these are the top five reasons why your sellers may choose to leave your organization.