May 2017

Winning with executives starts by understanding them

Sales teams operate at peak performance when they put the customer at the center of everything they do. In reality, the difference between the products and services each company delivers is miniscule. But what separates great sales teams from the rest of the pack is how they understand and treat customers.

2017’s Top 4 Sales Trends

“Sell more. Sell faster.” Surely you heard some variation of that directive during 2017 sales kickoff season. The question is, how? Through constant innovation, companies test, shift and change their approaches to sales, with the ongoing mission of accomplishing those twin goals.

The First 30 Seconds Count

The tone of any business meeting, sales call or introduction is often set within the first 30 seconds and guided by how the visiting party greets the host. An incorrect greeting, a handshake that lingers for too long, or a bungled attempt at observing local custom could taint the entire meeting and spoil the deal.

A front-row seat at a failed business experiment

Downtown Project (DTP) is Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s effort to rebuild Downtown Las Vegas into the most community-focused large city in the world. He invested $350 million of his own money, started recruiting entrepreneurs in 2012 and put a five-year timeline on the project.

Top Performers - May-June 2017

An assortment of new incentive ideas and marketing tools from our advertisers

Extraordinary awards

5 tips for conversations with competitors’ customers

Never provide the prospect with enough information to make a decision without you.
A rep should send over more information if it is requested, but at the same time schedule a time to review it with them.

Build a moat around your business

“Whether you’re selling a sophisticated SaaS or running a lemonade stand, you know how painful it is to have a customer leave you, only to run to the arms of the competition,” says Neil Patel, a digital marketer, analytics junkie and the co-founder of KISSmetrics, a provider of customer analytics software.

How to woo your competitors’ clients

Even if you have a comprehensive knowledge of your biggest competitor –  dutifully watching their webinars, reading their website, following their blog and doing an extensive competitive analysis –  it doesn’t guarantee success with every prospect.

If it’s not your product, it’s your service

Few things are more discouraging than having a product that’s a perfect fit for a company that is not doing business with you, yet your reps are unable to even schedule a presentation. It’s time to do some intelligence gathering on your own reputation in your industry, not only regarding your products, but also your customer service.

Product Review - May-June 2017

Every sales team has high achiever. Dozens of studies have shown that, after a certain level of compensation, cash incentives fail to motivate. We asked suppliers of non-cash incentives for their best-of-the-best merchandise that could be used to reward the top 10 percenters on sales teams. Coincidentally, a number of the companies that responded sent high-end women’s handbags.