May 2017

Strong stories sell

The best web-based PR tools won’t get you the coverage you want without a strong story. No one is immune to the power of a good story. To help companies create B2B marketing campaigns that truly connect, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions asked some highly regarded “marketing masters” for tips to tell better stories.

Beyond brilliant publicity tactics

5 (free) digital resources that can explode your business
Exposure — a bad thing during bad weather. But exposure for your business is a good thing, when you want to save marketing dollars while generating massive amounts of leads for your sales team.

Influencers have impact in the B2B world

Influencer marketing continues to become an increasingly popular social marketing strategy as companies look for ways to create content marketing that resonates.

Data fosters collaboration between sales, marketing

Data is, without a doubt, a gold mine for sales and marketing. B2B buyers now conduct most of the purchasing process on their own online. That’s good, because it lets us collect more and more informa­tion about their activity.

Solving the problems that haunt all sales managers

Put a half-dozen B2B sales managers who have not previously met each other and who work in drastically different industries together in a room and chances are good that within 30 minutes they will have discovered challenges they share.

Voicemail is not a black hole

The reason prospects aren’t returning your sales reps’ messages is because they’re garbage, says Mark Hunter (

Credibility marketing cuts both ways

Popular wisdom says you need to build a trusted brand in order to get your customers to spend. In his new book, “Secret Sauce: How to Pack Your Messages With Persuasive Punch,” marketing consultant Harry Mills relays the story of Taiwanese computer maker ASUS, a relative unknown that reached the No.

Leverage diversity to maximize team performance

Africans have a wise proverb: “If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go with others.” This is certainly true for leaders. If you want to lead successfully, you must get things done through others. You need to know the skills and talents of those you lead in order to play to their strengths.

Training the multigenerational sales team

Forward-thinking companies are using generational flexibility to build high-performing sales teams.
Sales skill development is an important factor in the success or failure of sales professionals and leaders. We have seen this directly with our clients, from our own experience, and in current research studies.

No guru, no method, no leader

If reading books by or about great business leaders is enlightening and inspiring, reading about business leaders who have attained significant success almost in spite of themselves is engrossing in a whole different manner.