June 2017

Six Key Elements Of The Sales Meeting Of The Future

They’re getting shorter. Edgier. Digital. They’re incorporating b-to-c experiences, taking cues from the entertainment industry. And thanks to multi-generational influences, from millennials on up (with Gen Z just around the corner), they’re feeling more co-created, personalized and shareable.

Top Performers - July-August 2017

An assortment of new incentive ideas and marketing tools from our advertisers

Mobile Incentive Tools from GC Incentives

Product Review - July-August 2017

Cameras and consumer electronics are a linchpin in today’s workplace recognition programs, which are focused on providing experiences rather than “stuff.”
The experiences people want include the good times these electronics can provide while the cameras can capture the moment for reliving over and over again.

The 10 commitments of sales

Anthony Iannarino believes not only was Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of a sales manager in “Glengarry Glen Ross” brilliant, it was on target - sort of. The author, blogger and sales professor says “always be closing” is a mantra that makes sense when you look at it right.

Benefits with staying power

When it comes to the benefits of using gift cards in employee incentive and recognition or consumer loyalty programs, some things don’t change—and you wouldn’t want them to.

Not just bells and whistles

Technology enhances gift cards while leaving critical benefits unchanged

Technology increases ROI of sales training

U.S. companies spend more than $70 billion annually on training. Sales training is allotted nearly $1,500 per year per person — almost 20 percent more than what is spent training workers in any other function. Yet many sales managers remain dubious about the ROI of their sales training.

Employee recognition and engagement by the numbers

Globoforce, an international provider of employee recognition programs, and the RES Forum, a 1,300-strong network of exclusively in-house international HR practitioners, conducted a survey of RES Forum members. The main respondents within the survey were senior reward managers and global mobility managers.

Humanizing the technology behind employee recognition programs

There is no arguing that technology enhances today’s recognition and reward programs. Yet it’s important not to let technology take the human touch out of workplace recognition. Software and hardware diminishes our ability to properly express appreciation unless we humanize the technology in the first place.

Technology opens the door to peer recognition

One benefit of the software platforms that make instant recognition easier to administer is the growth of peer-to-peer recognition programs.