June 2017

How to Make Today’s Savvy Customers Loyal for Life

Today's B2B customers expect smarter answers, more personalized experiences, and thoughtful solutions rather than sales pitches. To succeed in this new era of selling, here are the four things your business has to understand and embrace in order to grow.

The impact of more immediate rewards

Our brains love immediate gratification. Getting something today is better than getting it tomorrow, which is better than getting it next week. This is, in part, because of temporal construal. Having a concrete and immediate reward is better than a reward in the abstract sense.

Nurturing Beyond Email to Accelerate Your Pipeline

With the right web personalization program, marketers can capitalize on theopportunity to present prospects with relevant messaging that will influence the influencer and accelerate the open opportunity through the pipeline.

5 Free Online Sales Tools to Empower Your Sales Team

The following web and mobile apps can be used to track sales, personalize emails and spend less time scheduling – all of which will empower your employees to close more sales.

The Challenge Sale Can Be Mistimed

A few months ago, whenever I’d mention in a public event that my company was conducting academic research to determine the best way to communicate a price increase, I’d get a flurry of responses from folks eager to see the results.

Creating an Account Plan for Any Sales Organization: 5 Components that Help Plans Succeed

Account planning brings together critical information about your customer, your competitors and your strategy to win business. All sales organizations can leverage the following five imperatives as landmarks on their path to long-term account planning success and more predictable revenue growth.

3 Lessons on How to Growth-Hack Like a Pro

Nascent companies, without adequate budget to compete against established brands in traditional marketing channels, must embrace unconventional tactics to build product/market fit and eventually achieve mass user adoption. While there is no right or wrong way to execute a growth hack, here are three business-tested lessons.

Understand Staff Personas to Improve Productivity

Just as sales has become more consultative or customer-centric, sales management must become more individualized or employee-centric. How can you motivate your protégés to get what they want from their job if you don’t know what they want?

Marketers Just Want To Market: Here’s How

Strategic marketers today must balance the right brain that controls creativity and intuition and the left brain that processes information logically and analytically. There is increasing teeth-gnashing among marketers that the methodical, mathematically-oriented aspects of the job are getting too much focus at the expense of the core fun of marketing.

10 Incentive Travel Facts You Can Put To Good Use

On April 6, leaders from across the meetings and events industry came together to support the second annual Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID). GMID events were held across the globe to demonstrate the measurable impact that meetings have on businesses, economies and communities.