February 2018

3 Secrets to Setting Sales Meetings with the C-Suite

The prospects in the C-suites are busy and bombarded with sales messages. Here are three secrets from C-suiters themselves about how they like to be sold to.

Improve retention by breaking the sophomore/junior-year curse

The effects of sales rep attrition are especially painful and pronounced when the sophomore and junior-year “curse” strikes — that is, when reps leave voluntarily in years two and three. Let’s explore what that means and how to break the curse.

Why Fear Is Holding Back Your Sales Performance and Your Gut is the Answer

This sales thing violates a lot of psychology. We humans are fearful, sensitive creatures that fear the dark, the unknown and disappointing each other. When the voice is nagging at me or I'm fearful of something, it's probably something I really need to do.

7 Secrets for Better Digital Marketing Content

Every digital platform, be it a website, blog or social media page, needs content. Here are seven ways to make your content more effective.

Why Your Own Business Should Be Your Next Client

Every business has moments on its journey when it’s time to reflect on past achievements, and think about what the future holds. These are defining moments, so how can you ensure the process is truly effective, generating the most impactful ideas to future-proof the company?

What is Your Company’s DNA?

Like people, companies are organisms that reflect their creators, their environments, their obstacles and their strengths. What does that DNA mean for positioning a company to win in the market?

5 Steps to a Precise Internal Sales Diagnostic

Sales diagnostics help leaders see their operations from all sides so they can identify bottlenecks and keep revenue climbing. Avoid wasting a successful diagnostic by following these five strategies to make the most of the analysis.

Finding Emotional Connection is The Most Critical Role In Any Sale

Salespeople heap facts upon figures on top of other facts to show how much better their product or service is versus the competition. Yet, these situations are bound to fail because decisions – especially, important decisions – are not made logically, they are made emotionally.

Direct Dials: The Secret to B2B Sales Success

If we told you just one direct dial phone number could help your sales team generate a million dollars in revenue, you'd think it was too good to be true. Although it’s not that simple, it isn’t far from reality.

How to Read Your Audience and Structure Your Multi-Channel Marketing Accordingly

Your audience is more educated, motivated, and engaged than ever before. Understanding their motivations is paramount in designing an effective multi-channel marketing strategy.