March 2018

The smart way to gift onsite

The instant gratification of an on-site gifting experience is key to their popularity, but it’s important to keep some important tips in mind when using these programs.

Corporate Gifting Becomes An Event

For decades, room gifts or gifts at check-in were a staple of corporate events. Elegantly presented, perhaps with a note from the CEO or other executive, these tokens of appreciation may have been politely commented about among program participants over breakfast or lunch the next day.

Be The Energy You Want From Your Team

Top Banana, a London-based events and communications consultancy, implores its clients to eschew the expected when providing experiences to employees, customers and other business partners.

Live, Love, Laugh…(Oh yeah, and work)

Remember all of the talk about work-life balance as millennials entered the workplace? Yeah, that’s so 2015.

Studies Indicate Experiences Make Us Happier Than Stuff

Do experiences make people happier than material possessions? Researchers Leaf Van Boven and Thomas Gilovich concluded they do. In two surveys, respondents from various demographic groups indicated that experiential purchases — those made with the primary intention of acquiring a life experience — made them happier than material purchases. In a follow-up laboratory experiment, participants experienced more positive feelings after pondering an experiential purchase than after pondering a material purchase.

Making Memories On A Budget

The great thing about rewarding with experiences is they can be low-cost and high-impact, says Justin Lavelle, chief communications officer for BeenVerified, a leading online background check platform. Lavelle offers these tips for creating memorable experiences without breaking your incentive budget.

The Future Of Meetings

Fast Future Publishing, a London-based publisher of research and thoughts of future thinkers from around the world, recently summarized the impact of technological advancements on meetings and conferences. For DIY planners, it’s an opportunity to see if they’re ready for what lies ahead.

Don’t Drown Your Presentation In Details

Some presentations need to go into detail, but it’s important to help your audience not get lost in the weeds. Anett Grant, CEO of Executive Speaking, Inc., recently offered these tips for staying on point at

Meeting expectations

Ideas for increasing millennial engagement

Making meetings work for millennials

Have your offsites become more challenging because your work force has a blend of millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers — and soon, Gen Z will join the mix? Professionals in their 20s may seem all-consumed with digital communication, but the truth is they welcome face-to-face meetings when they are purposeful and productive. Who doesn’t want that?