March 2018

4 new ways to engage your sales force

Is HR telling you your millennial sales reps don’t like their incentive plans? Are you really going to have a different incentive for the 26-year-old white female than the one for the 45-year-old Asian male?
Fact: Reps are complex and the psychological underpinnings that lead them to engage change over time and under different situations. Your salesforce is diverse, but...

Digital Investments Enhance Customer Experience

As customer experience (CX) continues to be a primary focus of marketing efforts across a wide swath of industries, a survey of nearly 13,000 marketing, creative and technology professionals in the digital industry shows that organizations committed to CX are shown to outperform their peers.

Still not on Facebook? What are you waiting for?

Consumer goods companies have stampeded to Facebook to market themselves. And why not? Facebook is an exceptional tool for growing brand awareness and engaging with prospects, find new customers, offer promotions and serve exceptional remarketing creative, ultimately inciting affordable conversions, says Allen Finn, a Boston-based content marketing specialist.

You don’t reward generations

Google “Millennial generation” and you’ll get over 28 million hits. Business began thinking about Millennials long before they first entered the workforce around 2000. And with good reason, they are the largest, most diverse, highest-educated and arguably the most connected generation America has ever produced. Their impact on every aspect of every business, whether as customers, partners, employees or suppliers, will be monumental. Leaders ignoring this generation do so at their own peril.

Does your team hear what you hear?

Strong communicators take responsibility to get their point across. If the other person does not understand you, it reflects your inability to communicate rather than his or her inability to comprehend. Executive coach Robert Chen offers these tips to ensure others hear what you hear:

When workplace engagement saves lives

Turns out that focusing on employee engagement in the right industries can keep us all a lot safer. A report published by C.A. Short Company, a North Carolina-based provider of employee recognition and reward programs, states that long-haul truckers are dying in record numbers, and increasing drivers’ engagement in all aspects of their job could reduce fatalities.

The single trait all great leaders need

Most of what separates a good leader from a bad leader is one important quality, says business strategist Dan Waldschmidt ( It’s not brains, experience, charm, courage or authority. It’s empathy – the ability to understand how other people feel. The awareness to connect with the pain and fear in someone else’s life.

Need-to-know insights for first-time managers

Congratulations! You’ve earned a new sales or marketing management position. It may feel rewarding and daunting at the same time. Spending most of your days solving people problems rather than actually executing the work you’re used to can be a challenging adjustment. The team at First Round Review ( combed through past articles on advice for first-time managers and came up with these highlights:

Nice guys don’t get meetings

Securing that first meeting with a prize prospect is often the most challenging aspect of making a sale. Some managers endorse a constant banging away with phone calls and emails. Others favor a more passive approach, interacting on social media and engaging with decision-makers whenever possible with hopes they will ask for a meeting.

Digital marketing is all about leads and sales

Digital marketers are confident their efforts have significant ROI, and a majority plan to increase digital spend in 2018. More than half (56 percent) of a panel of “marketing influencers and research subscribers” polled online by email marketing platform provider Adestra say their budgets will increase significantly this year, while 40 percent say they will go up marginally.