June 2018

3 Keys to Effective Sales Teams in the Age of the Informed Buyer

From casual browsing to thorough research, online exploration occurs well before customers meet a salesperson. More than ever, understanding one’s field is critical to sales success.

Business strategy gets graphic

As CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute, Rich Horwath works with managers at companies such as FedEx, Google and L’Oreal to help them understand the importance of landing on a strategy that everyone in an organization understands and can work to achieve. Now, he has put those lessons into a graphic novel, “StrategyMan vs. The Anti-Strategy Squad.”

Top Performers - July-August 2018

An assortment of new incentive ideas and marketing tools from our advertisers.

A better way to give gift cards

Gadgets make the world go round

It’s not by accident that the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the largest tradeshow in the world. People love gadgets and can’t get enough of them. That’s why it remains one of the most popular categories for incentives that drive performance.

Gift card fever

Use of gift cards as incentives and rewards continues to boom, but many users remain oblivious to volume discounts.

Is technology costing you credibility internally?

You’re the boss, the leader, the master of business, yet your team is becoming increasingly frustrated with your overuse of technology in the workplace. Influence is essential to running a successful organization and can only be earned through the development of trust, credibility and respect. It comes from a leader’s consistent actions, execution and communication. Technology is no exception. It’s time to consider your digital behaviors and how bad habits may be costing you influence in the workplace.

Three ways to use data to drive creative

The world of big data is prevalent in every industry including marketing. I’ve been selling creative campaigns for more than 20 years, but clients are not responding to pure creative ideation like they have in the past. They expect the ideas to be rooted in data before we even discuss creative. The data is now driving the ideas.

The data science behind winning more deals

Data makes today’s world go round; there’s not much that can’t be distilled into a data point, and there’s not much about a company’s customers and prospects that doesn’t make its way into a CRM system for tracking and more intelligent decision-making. As sales teams get busier and are challenged to do more with less, it’s no wonder they are seeking out technology that allows them to personalize their approach in the most efficient way possible.

Leveraging multiple touchpoints

Today, planners still use a mix of high- and low-tech touchpoints to communicate with their constituencies. These results reveal several key insights planners can use to inform their choice of technology vendors.

Tech tools continue to enhance event experiences

As a technology arms race continues to invade every corner of business, those in the meetings and incentive travel industry keep a close watch for any tools that can increase attendee engagement, streamline registration, enhance experiences or otherwise increase the ROI of offsites.