August 2018

Social media can elevate your reward events

FOMO – The fear of missing out.
We all have it. Thanks to social media platforms and modern communication, the feeling of missing out on a good time has become more prevalent and contagious, as our friends, family and colleagues continue to share every thrilling (and
not-so-thrilling) moment of their lives.

Question your way to a better landing page

Landing pages are a critical component of an online marketing campaign. An inadequate landing page can cost you a lot of potential conversions and sales while you figure things out, so it’s important to create the best possible landing page the first time around. Jacob Baadsgaard, founder and CEO of Disruptive Advertising, recommends asking these questions in order to build a better landing page:

3 questions to smash sales and marketing goals

B2B marketing and sales are team sports. Data may be the world’s most valuable resource, but teams must work together to truly tap its value. According to MarketingProfs, organizations with aligned marketing and sales functions experience 38 percent higher sales win rates and 36 percent higher customer retention.

Being a human isn’t adding value

Relationship selling is not a sustainable competitive advantage, says Brian Signorelli, who leads HubSpot’s sales consultant and cloud services team. “People sometimes buy from people, but not because they want to – usually, it’s because they have to.”

Defining the real buyer

Today’s buyers expect us to speak to them personally, not in their general direction. Increasingly, customers want businesses to know what they want before they do and to serve them hyper-targeted, relevant content and offerings.

8 social media marketing mistakes

Social media marketing is no longer an intern’s job. In today’s B2B world, companies can’t expect to be successful without a social media presence. Yet most companies still struggle to understand and use B2B social media marketing effectively. Here are eight common mistakes that should be avoided at all costs:

Is your complex incentives plan holding you back?

The same can be said for sales compensation. Incentive compensation plans are often far too complex. This complexity is usually the result of trying to make the plan fair or trying to please every stakeholder. In turn, this complexity makes these plans difficult to understand. Salespeople are busy. They spend most of their day visiting customers, and that’s what we want them to be doing. We also want that time with customers to be focused on the things that leadership believes will improve their performance and the company’s performance.

Lonely at the top

Cynthia Maxwell, an engineering director and project manager who has led teams at Apple, Google and Slack, recalls overhearing a colleague say, “As a manager, you are no longer part of your team.” Her initial thought was to push back, but then, she says, she came to see her colleague’s point.

4 key components to workplace motivation

As an early product leader for LinkedIn, the head of product for Pinterest and now Affirm, Jack Chou has been part of his fair share of high-flying startups. He knows the chaos that is caused by accelerated growth, but he also knows that employee engagement and motivation can’t be assumed just because the work environment is hard-charging.

3 leadership myths to avoid

Misperceptions about leadership turn up in everything from movies to televised sports. Erick Lauber, an applied psychologist at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, consults with businesses on leadership and development. He warns new managers not to get caught up in these leadership myths: