August 2018

Be aware of friction in your customers’ buying journey

Managers often express a desire to speed up the sales cycle. That’s understandable, but impossible to attain, says Martyn R. Lewis, CEO and founder of Market-Partners, Inc., a consultancy that helps companies manage the buying journey.

Clinging to customers

Jealousy is an ugly thing in personal relationships, but it should be a staple of a salesperson’s personality, says Paul Cherry in his new book, “The Ultimate Sales Pro: What the Best Salespeople Do Differently.”

What buyers want: insights and service after the sale

CSO Insights asked B2B buyers what attributes of salespeople influenced their decisions. What made them more likely to buy or less likely to buy? These four characteristics appeared at the top of the list:

Managing virtual teams is all about connections

More than four in 10 American employees report working remotely at least some of the time, according to a Gallup survey. A remote work force is agile and cost-effective. However, many supervisors continue to struggle with the fundamentals of managing and motivating a remote work team.

Webinars deserve marketers’ respect

Companies tend to think of webinars simply as a top-of-funnel, lead generation tool. They focus on getting as many names as possible. Many marketers don’t even care what happens during the live webinar. Once they’ve acquired the leads, they simply send them to sales and claim victory.

5 tips to maximize ROI from networks

Few sales managers and reps excel without networking. There is a formula to making sure you get in front of the best people in any business group, says David V. Lorenzo, author of “The 60-Second Sale.” He offers these five steps to maximizing ROI from a business networking group:

Get in front of self-educated buyers

In today’s buyer-informed world, many buyers attempt to avoid engaging a vendor altogether, says Daniel Newman, author of “Building Dragons: Digital Transformation in the Experience Economy.” If vendors would cooperate by allowing an entire transaction to happen online, then they would. In many industries, this online, sophisticated marketplace is already in motion.

Death of a salesman?

Best practices in business-to-business marketing and sales strategies tend to trend two to three years behind business-to-consumer tactics. The right recipe this year and going forward goes something like this: Take social media, a mobile-friendly website that features testimonials and referrals, then mix them with relevant content and new artificial intelligence-oriented marketing communications technologies; bake it all in an evolved marketplace environment that appreciates past success, but recognizes that cold calling no longer builds the sales funnel. Give the effort three to six months to gain momentum and watch the leads flow in.

People are the power

The bar has never been set higher for what is deemed an effective incentive travel experience. According to a 2018 list of trends from the Society of Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), today’s programs must aim beyond providing enjoyable experiences to creating ones that will “change a participant’s outlook on life.”

Taking Customer Service from Cost Center to Profit Center

Your customer's problems are opportunities in disguise.