May 2019

Email: The Next Frontier in Digital Marketing (Yes, Really)

Today’s email and digital marketing landscape has much yet to be discovered, much to be feared and so much to hope for.

Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams in 5 Easy Steps

The most important audience your marketing team has isn’t potential partners or customers – it’s the folks on your sales team.

You Are the Brand

In today’s highly competitive world, loaded with options, the individual is “The Brand,” so consider very carefully what you want your brand to represent.

Workplace Wellness Can Deliver a Healthy ROI

An increasing number of companies are looking to play a larger role in their employees' overall health. There are a number of reasons why this makes sense.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Relevant Buyer Experiences

Today's B2B buyers expect personalized, relevant, and seamless content and experiences throughout the purchase journey. Successful organizations are adopting artificial intelligence as part of their sales enablement strategy to better identify and replicate what content works for top performers.

Is free food at work a perk or a problem?

At the height of the dot-com boom in the late 1990s, much was written about the five-star-worthy cafeterias that high-tech companies created, offering free meals and elaborate snacks to keep their employees engaged and maybe even working extra hours.

Walking the Tightrope of Sales Compensation Modeling

While most CSOs scrutinize compensation designs and the tie between rewards and sales strategy, very few are paying attention to how the sales compensation plans are modeled. It’s not enough to ask if a sales compensation plan was modeled. A CSO must ask how the sales compensation plan was modeled.

How a Manual SEO Audit Can Improve Your Sales Funnel

Manual SEO auditing can help in the battle to land on first-page search results.

Transparent Negotiations: The Counterintuitive Way to Negotiate More Valuable and Predictable Deals

When it's time to negotiate an agreement with a buyer, playing  your cards face up on your pricing model will produce the most consistent positive results.

How to Write a Marketing Plan in Six Easy Steps

Marketing your business can be simple if you have a system in place that everyone on your team wants to use because it makes their jobs less stressful. The Strategically Aimed Marketing process is easy to understand and logical to implement.


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