May 2019

Six Sigma and Your Sales Process

If Six Sigma principles work in manufacturing, the same systematic approach to continuously and intelligently improve productivity should also work in a sales process.

5 Steps to Creating a Scalable, Flexible Event with a Solid Video Strategy

More businesses are streaming live videos of their events to deliver added value and reach a broader audience. Here are five steps to create a scalable and flexible streaming solution.

Funny business

Tom Fishburne remembers sinking into the Sunday comics as an 11-year-old. After earning a master’s in business from Harvard and working for two decades in marketing with General Mills, Nestlé and other companies, he launched a new career by combining his hobby of cartooning with his professional experience.

G.I. Joe and your sales incentive

At the end of each episode in the 1980s cartoon series featuring G.I. Joe, our hero would explain the moral to the story and remind the viewers, “And now you know, kids, and knowing is half the battle.”

Health powers everything else

Full disclosure: The closest I’ve ever been to holding a true sales job was peddling the Denver Post around my neighborhood (literally) as a teen-ager. Thus, my role as editor of this magazine for more than 15 years has been finding sales and marketing professionals who will share their insights with our readers, whether that’s through an article they write themselves or an interview with me.

Sales Pitch Ideas for Your Next Meeting

Sales meetings are too important to become just another item on the "to do" list. Here are five topics you can address in upcoming sales meetings that can create real positive change and positively impact bottom line results.

How to Prevent Turnover on Your Sales Team

If your team struggles with retention, you’re not alone — but you don't have to keep operating like this. Take the following steps to help reduce the turnover in your sales department.