April 2020

The Right Kind of Help Is Not What You Think

Here's how the best sellers help their customers thrive during and beyond COVID-19.

Will We Ever Meet Again?

When will you feel comfortable flying again? When will you not hesitate to attend a conference where you will file into a room with hundreds of other people? It’s a question without an answer at this point. And when there is an answer, it will likely be different for different people.

How to Use Data to Power Your B2B Sales Strategy

Less than half of B2B sales reps are using data even though 85% of those who do say it makes them more effective. What are you waiting for? Here are some ideas for leveraging data as part of your B2B sales strategy.

Should we even be selling in this environment?

Your customers want to have conversations about the challenges they’re facing. Isn’t that where sales begin?

Communicate to connect

As this issue’s content came together, it seemed more appropriate than ever to use questions for headlines and introductory paragraphs. The COVID-19 outbreak has left most of us with more questions than answers, and the answers we get change weekly or even more rapidly.

A New Normal for Meetings and Events

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the world’s concept of gathering. What does it mean for business events and incentive travel programs? A Q&A with IMEX CEO Carina Bauer.

Tackling Low Morale Among Remote Workers

Leaders can maintain morale by moving remote workers to a place of optimism.

How to Make a Remote Sale

In sales and negotiations, the uncertainty and fear spread by COVID-19 has created unanticipated obstacles and challenges. It's a good time to remember that connections forge the bonds of trust.

A little more insight on Fast Starts

Sales managers need to produce results every month and every quarter, yet they know they can’t do the same things in the same way they have always done it. A savvy sales manager is always on the lookout for new practices, new tools, new ideas to deliver additional motivation and focus to the team.

The value of fresh starts

How important are end-of-month/quarter/year dates for sales revenues? On one level, they’re everything. Deadlines drive activity. On another level, they’re just numbers, dates and made-up deadlines that are creations of our imagination. However we frame them, the undeniable truth is they matter.