April 2020

A little more insight on Fast Starts

Sales managers need to produce results every month and every quarter, yet they know they can’t do the same things in the same way they have always done it. A savvy sales manager is always on the lookout for new practices, new tools, new ideas to deliver additional motivation and focus to the team.

The value of fresh starts

How important are end-of-month/quarter/year dates for sales revenues? On one level, they’re everything. Deadlines drive activity. On another level, they’re just numbers, dates and made-up deadlines that are creations of our imagination. However we frame them, the undeniable truth is they matter.

Why Is Today’s Revenue Process Stuck in the Pre-Industrial Age?

We're in a data revolution. Why haven’t companies taken a similarly unified and data-driven approach to other aspects of business, particularly today’s fragmented revenue process?

Improving The Customer Experience With Behavior Modelling for Sellers

Sales leaders need to focus on modeling the right behavior to positively impact their customers for successful account planning. Behavior modeling that improves the customer experience in sales can be achieved in three main ways: coaching, mentoring and a center of excellence.

A Failure to Launch?

Proper sales enablement can keep a product launch from crash landing.


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