July 2020

The Greatest Opportunity in 70 Years to Hire High-Performance Salespeople

This is the greatest opportunity to hire high-performance sales talent since World War II ended. But if you're going to do it, do it right.

How to Navigate Pricing In a Pandemic

Businesses are walking a fine line in the COVID-19 environment. One move in the wrong direction - a new sales strategy, price hike or price discount - can move you forward or set you back.

Onboarding In Sales: Training + Leadership

There are three main ways to power up an onboarding program so that it becomes about training tactics as well as overarching leadership of the revenue team.

How Sales Leaders Can Motivate Younger Employees Through Purpose-Driven Incentives

Younger employees are passionate about social issues. Employers would do well to tap into that passion by embedding a sense of purpose into their incentive offerings.

5 Ways to Effectively Use Email Banner Communications

Some hunters profess using every part of the animal. In sales, it makes sense to use every part of your emails.

Bringing Sales Online

Adapting to a digital-first world does not mean fundamentally rethinking who you are. It means rethinking how you engage.

3 Common Data Quality Challenges That Undermine Sales Forecast Accuracy

Data quality is a common reason for untrustworthy sales forecasts. Addressing three factors that cause low-quality data should be a sales management priority.

4 Ways to Empower Sales Teams In This Environment

Your sales force is a dynamic team that's unique to you. The risks they face during the COVID-19 pandemic are significant. The steps you take should empower both in-office interaction as well as hard-to-control outbound scenarios. All precautions should equally consider both employee interactions as well as client communications.

5 Money-Saving Tips for International Companies

Scaling a business to an international level comes with its own costs. Here are five ways that international companies can save on these costs.

The Psychology Behind Unexpected Rewards

Rewards for hitting monthly or quarterly sales goals are great, but introducing the element of surprise to your incentive program can increase engagement and improve morale.


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