Coca-Cola's Digital Media Initiative Success

YCD Multimedia, provider of smart in-store digital media solutions to maximize retailer sales and profitability, unveiled yesterday the results of its work with Coca-Cola Israel at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.<br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> Coca-Cola Israel has incorporated in-store digital media into their entire below-the-line (BTL) media plan for 2009. Studies conducted by Coca-Cola showed 16% of the population had visited Aroma and recalled its digital advertising for Coca-Cola Zero. Such levels of aided recall have remained largely unattainable thus far for traditional BTL media. Moreover, 62% of those who recalled the Coke Zero advertising on YCD's AdScreens at Aroma actually purchased the product, compared to a 41% purchase rate among those who did not recall the digital advertising.<br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> Itai Fridman, retail strategic director for Coca-Cola Israel says, "Coca-Cola's beverage sales at the test locations increased by 20% during the test period when they were promoted on the YCD|AdScreen." Coke is now partnering with YCD to place sponsored AdScreens in outlets across Israel. Fifty percent of the content on the sponsored AdScreens will promote Coke products, while the retailers will have the freedom to promote their own products on the remaining ad space.