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Laptop Security Resources

On the road and worried about keeping your laptop and company data safe and secure? Here's a list of online resources to help you stay protected, even when you're traveling far from your home office. (And be sure read Ed Lee's latest Global Issues column for even more data security strategies.)
Website of The Computer Security Institute
One of the few companies specializing in the underwriting protection from the loss, theft or damage of laptops, desktops, software, peripherals, digital cameras and media players.
One of the most inexpensive and user-friendly producers of encryption software for folders and hard drives.
Reliable products for deterring the physical theft of laptops and desktops.
Developers of software that tracks any computer anywhere in the world, providing thieves connect the stolen computer to the Internet.
Producers of padded backpacks for laptops.
Excellent resource addressing recent incidents of laptop theft.
A plastic sheet that can be easily attached to your computer screen.