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Sales Architects: If Price Really Matters…

Salespeople have always had a laundry list of excuses—supposed obstacles keeping them from being able to sell today. Yet, is there any excuse more infamous than the price one? "If we just lowered our price, I could sell a ton of this stuff," they say.

Oh really? People primarily buy based on price? Well, if that's true consider this:

If price really matters…

• Everyone would buy generic drugs.

• No one would have cable or satellite television.

• The seat every fan fights for would be the last row in the stadium .

• Satellite radio wouldn't have over 15 million subscribers.

• No one would own a Bose product.

• You would get your drinking water from a faucet.

• A Yugo would be in your driveway.

• Nordstroms would be empty.

• Everyone would shave with a single-blade razor, not the Gillette Fusion.

• Starbuck's wouldn't have poured a single cup of coffee.

• The only food in your kitchen would be supermarket brand.

• The toilet paper in your bathroom would be single-ply sandpaper.

• And&3x2026;you wouldn't have any clients!

After all, someone bought from your company. And not just one person—lots of people have bought from your company. Remember this the next time you let yourself argue that you can't sell because of price.

It isn't the price. It's your ability to demonstrate value to prospects. And people will pay for value. You've just seen evidence they do, even in your own backyard.

SMM editorial advisory board member Lee B. Salz is a sales management strategist, president of Sales Architects, CEO of Business Expert Webinars, and author of both "Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager" and the forthcoming "The Sales Marriage." He can be reached at or by calling 763-416-4321.