Use Mobility to Empower Your Sales Organization

Today’s sales organizations are tasked with figuring out how to drive revenue, ensure accurate forecasting, deliver great customer experiences, and shorten sales cycles, all with less time and resources. Mobility makes it possible, yet many sales teams haven’t fully embraced the concept.

Performance Platforms

Technology is fueling workplace recognition, providing improved communication of incentive programs and increased engagement by participants.

The Handshake That Can Rock the World: Sales and Marketing Unite

The tug of war between sales and marketing is real, and it cripples productivity. With such measurable gains as added time and cohesion attainable through a commitment to ongoing alignment, it’s certainly worth a shot.

4 Ways to Have Complete Confidence in A Sales Rep’s Forecast

When it comes to coaching a sales team to effectively forecast, what strategy will develop forecasting into a skill, versus a game of risk? The Four P's is a good place to start.

Using Motivations to Turbo-Charge Your Career

In sales, you look for every competitive edge. So recent developments in the field of psychology that point to intrinsic motivations as the key to peak creativity and performance could help sales professionals.
First it’s important to understand what motivations are and how they work. There are two major types:
Intrinsic: Deeply personal values and beliefs.

The Just-In-Time Training Revolution

When it comes to enabling salespeople to be great “in the moment” across the different types of selling situations they face, the technology is there. That’s the good news. The bad news: Messaging content and skills training approaches are not always present.

A Quick and Easy Tip To Maintain Accurate Customer Email Lists

Accurate and up-to-date customer email lists are crucial to B2B marketers who want to maintain lasting purchasing relationships. Here is quick tip for small online businesses to streamline their customer contact list management.

5 Ways Sales and Marketing Teams Should Be Mining Their Online Community

Not all companies have figured out how to use their community as a data-driven listening channel that can deliver a strategic and competitive advantage while also helping to generate revenue. Here are some reasons to figure out how to tap into this data and how you can start.

Stop Selling and Start Teaching to Improve Demand Generation

You can teach your buying audience something they can’t learn anywhere else – the most efficient way to solve their individual problems, which solutions could work best for them, and the strategies that can take them into a profitable and productive future.

How to Know When to Give Up on a New Hire

Making a bad hiring decision is something every experienced sales manager has done. Despite our best efforts, no hiring process is going to be perfect. A new hire won’t really know what it’s like to work at your company and what is required to succeed until after they’ve been there a while.

CRM’s Big Blind Spot: Measuring Sales Managers

Companies are realizing that sales success isn’t driven solely by sales rep performance, but also by effective sales management. To elevate sales performance, it’s not enough to improve the salespeople’s activities; we also need to improve the sales manager’s activities.

4 Ways to Make B2B Sales as Smart as B2C Sales

The ability to gather information from different places around the web gives B2B marketers a much fuller view of a company’s profile. It’s also allowed them to leverage analytics in ways only once possible by their B2C counterparts.

The 10 commitments of sales

Anthony Iannarino believes not only was Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of a sales manager in “Glengarry Glen Ross” brilliant, it was on target - sort of. The author, blogger and sales professor says “always be closing” is a mantra that makes sense when you look at it right.

Contact Should Mean Contact

“Game changer” is a term you hear often when people talk about how technology has changed their industry. There is no doubt technological advances can make every company in any industry more efficient and effective.

ABC = Always Be Collaborating

The ‘ABC: Always be Closing’ mantra has been drilled into the minds of sales teams. In Glengarry Glen Ross, Blake passionately proclaimed: more closing equals higher commission, and if you can’t close, “hit the bricks, pal!”