100 Years – Huzzah!

Happy 2019! If you’re a reader of mastheads, I’m tempted to say you need to get a hobby. But if you read this issue’s small print, you may notice that this is issue No. 1 of volume No. 100 of Sales & Marketing Management magazine.

6 Marketing Strategies for B2B Customer Retention

Preventing customer defection in B2B industries is challenging, but possible. Here are six marketing strategies for strengthening customer relationships.

A Bold New Model for Launching Brands in a Market that Demands Speed and Certainty

Is it possible to launch a brand with speed and a degree of certainty that it will catch on in such a fast-moving and mercurial environment? Yes, if you take a page out of something new-school; the prototype playbook.

Marketing Tactics to Kick-Start Your Sales Skills

Marketing tactics and tips that you can use to kick-start your sales skills and improve the outcomes of your actions.

How to Write Sales Emails That Get Responses

What sort of emails get responses? Be relevant, clearly articulate value, and be certain who you are talking to so you can contextualize your conversation.

Four Letters Every B2B Marketer Should Know

What does the introduction of Instagram TV (IGTV) mean to B2B marketers? it should mean a lot.

Maximizing Motivation: Why Well-Intentioned Incentive Programs Don’t Work and How to Improve Them

Even among companies that have positive work cultures, satisfaction with workplace recognition programs is almost always among the lowest-rated items on the annual employee opinion survey. To make recognition programs more meaningful, you first must step back and understand why these programs aren’t working.

Rethink Your B2B Revenue Model

The marketing-then-sales structure is inherently flawed. Here's a new way to think about generating revenue -- a six step model that turns the “then” into “and.”

How Risk Reversal Language Will Help You Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

How do you remedy the anxiety a buyer might feel before the deal closes? It all comes down to what you say.

Now More Than Ever: Personal Presentation Tips for the Digital Age

In today’s complex and dynamic business environment, it’s not what you know, knowledge and analytic skills are a base requirement and only a foundation. Success in business requires much more.

Why You Need Live Chat Now for B2B

Instant live chats aren't just for consumer goods and services companies. Here's why.

How to Write a Compelling Media Kit That Sells

A successful media kit makes a good first impression on your potential collaborators. As a result, it paves the way for more sales. Here's what it should include.

Show, Don’t Tell: 5 Effective Ways to Coach Your Sales Team

The key to coaching successful sales teams is focusing on the how, not the what. When you go beyond telling someone what they’re doing wrong to showing them how to do things differently, you’re providing tools for long-term success.

Building A B2B Sales Force That Works

The ideal structure for high-performing B2B sales is repeatable, scalable and trainable. Here's a closer look at what that means.

7 Questions to Build Rapport in Sales

Before buyers will open up to you about their needs and desires, they have to first be comfortable with you. Genuine rapport sets the table for the rest of the conversation.