Top Performers - May-June 2018

An assortment of new incentive ideas and marketing tools from our advertisers.

Luxury deserves a place in your incentive program

What makes us love certain brands so much? Why do we associate such strong feelings with certain products? Marketer Adam Grow says consumers shopping for basic needs simply need a product to do what it’s meant to do. But as they move along the brand affinity hierarchy, their motivations expand and they begin to care about the benefits the product offers.

What Great Stories are made of

As powerful as storytelling is, it’s a good practice to not announce you’re about to tell one. “Let me share a story with you,” is not a strong opening line.

Reminders about the effective use of stories

A serious sales professional is always tweaking their stories, says Carter Young of SaleScout. “You have to always be learning and also sharing what didn’t work – not to undermine someone, but to create an environment that is safe enough for salespeople to share a really bad story and learn from that as well.

Strong stories follow a consistent structure

If your salespeople don’t know how to begin crafting their stories, consultant and author Matthew Pollard has created a four-part structure that provides a working idea of what to focus on, how long the elements should be and the components a story should include.

Using Stories to hire and train

Stories are not just for selling, they can be used to attract top talent and train new hires more effectively. To become better at hiring and training, it pays to know how humans are hardwired for stories, says Henry DeVries, CEO of Indie Books International, a boutique publisher of business books.

What a Story can do

One reason stories are so powerful in sales is they lower your customer’s guard, enabling them to listen more attentively and ask questions more freely, while the salesperson talks more directly to their unconscious minds.
Storytelling is at the foundation of a three-day workshop offered by The Negotiation Experts. Here are key outcomes it says can be achieved with powerful stories:

Get me Rewrite!

A sure way to fail at storytelling is to make your story up on the spot and not rehearse it, says Calum Coburn, director and vice president of The Negotiation Experts.

Encouraging wellness in the workplace

Workplace wellness is a win-win that impacts both the top line and the bottom line. There are two basic parts to this – one is individual and the other is organizational. HR professionals can address both. Nurit Shiber, vice president of people at Sisense, a business intelligence software platform, offers these tips.

Wellness: A workplace trend that everyone can embrace

According to the Incentive Research Foundation, health and wellness incentive components focused on fitness, food and comfort are among the top 10 trends to impact incentive programs in 2018. The use of gift cards, another top-10 trend,
is expected to gain momentum among incentive providers this year.

The first step to planning effective offsites

Seeking feedback following an offsite meeting or event is common practice. It’s important to hear what worked and what didn’t from participants in order to improve future meetings. However, input from stakeholders can be all over the map, even though their intentions are good.

3 hacks for psychological selling

Recently, I met Robert Cialdini at a conference and told him, “Your work has positively impacted my consulting business. Thank you.” He smiled as if it were the first compliment he’d ever heard. “Thank you,” he said and opened up a conversation asking, “What do you do?” We talked for 20 minutes. I doubt that conversation would have happened at a book-signing event or in a security line at the airport. What made it work was the situation.

Befriending the voices that matter most

Who are the influencers in your industry — the voices you seek out for trends and insights that help you shape your go-to-market or product development strategies? If these thought leaders are not employed by competitors, why aren’t you recruiting them to be influencers for your brand?

6 barriers that prevent revenue growth

When sales are flagging or the competition is taking some of a company’s market share, the knee-jerk reaction is to demand a better product from development, hire new salespeople or roll out a new marketing campaign. The first place to start is to ask two important questions: Are you making it too difficult for prospects to buy from you?

Evolve with your customers or get left behind

The only thing constant is change.
We are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day. With all of this noise, it’s becoming harder for companies to differentiate their message from competitors and stay relevant with customers.