Why Awesome Salespeople Fail to Sell Themselves

Selling is second nature to many salespeople, so why doesn’t this apply to selling themselves?

How to Finally Align Sales and Marketing to Nab Great Leads

Sales and marketing belong on the same side of the negotiating table, but often find themselves staring bitterly across it. To fully bridge the sales-marketing gap, a sense of shared interests must be developed. Such alignment can open sales streams by more than 200 percent.

4 Steps to Motivate an Underachieving Salesperson

More than 10 years spent working in sales training have taught me to understand and turn around salespeople who are struggling. Here are four steps I’ve found most effective to re-motivate a salesperson who’s falling behind.

The Secrets of Sales Success

Why is it some people struggle to sell their products or services no matter how hard they try, while others seem able to sell just about anything to anyone? A core secret that  fuels sales success is a secret Zig Ziglar preached.

The Missing P(iece) In the Sales Enablement Puzzle

Many progressive sales leaders still measure success exclusively in terms of performance or productivity. A third “P,” proficiency, is for many, the most powerful metric of all.

Brains Over Brawn Wins Sales

Customer interactions should be thoughtful, sequential, mindful and highly relevant. It's not a matter of how assertive salespeople are, but how intellectually engaging and strategic they can be.

Cloning Top Performers

Have you ever daydreamed about cloning your top sales performers? Think of it. No more endless recruiting to find a salesperson like Jane who qualifies and closes sales in record time. All your customers would have the pleasure of only dealing with your best of the best. It would spell the end of those awkward review meetings. 

What They Don’t Teach You About Prospecting

There is no easy button in sales. Prospecting is hard, emotionally draining work, and it is the price you have to pay to earn a high income.

What’s the Best Approach for Upselling Customers to New Solutions?

While it seems like it should be relatively easy to convince existing customers to migrate to higher-value solutions, it seldom is. A Corporate Visions industry uncovered some important insights on upselling.

It’s Time for Joint Business Planning 2.0

Most B2B and B2C sales forces employ some form of joint business planning with their largest customers. While advancing trading relationships for many, there are still some common practices that prevent the plans from being true game changers. Envision a plan that answers the question, “What would a growth plan look like if we were one integrated company?”

Mobile Tours Can Replace Flagging Trade Shows

As trade show attendance drops, mobile marketing tours serve as an effective replacement.

How to Measure Sales Fitness

The latest customer relationship management tools allow reps to have more meaningful conversations, which should mean more sales. Sales fitness can be monitored via technology in the same way that you monitor your key body fitness metrics.

It’s Time to Pay Marketers Based On Their Financial Impact

You know the old adage, “We all work for sales?” Well, if we all work for sales, then we should get paid like sales too.

3 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Isn't Generating More Leads (And How to Fix It)

More than 40 percent of salespeople claim that lead prospecting is often more difficult than qualifying and closing the actual deal. There’s no way for sales and marketing teams to develop additional leads without providing both positive and negative feedback to one another, emphasizing which types of leads work well and which ones lead to less fruitful relationships

Key B2B Sales Challenges for Supply Chain Companies

When products don’t move smoothly and seamlessly between manufacturer and end-user, they become exponentially harder to bring to market. The following four sales obstacles were identified as the most persistent and the most troubling for B2B companies across the supply chain.