Why do Smart Salespeople Make Such Stupid Mistakes?

When I think back over my career working in agencies and now advising agencies and salespeople, many of my mistakes led to some of my best lessons in business.

Demand vs. Lead Generation

4 Steps to Plug Productivity Leaks

Everyone is looking for ways to boost productivity and make the most of their time. The New York Times even reported that some young workers are abusing stimulants normally used to treat A.D.H.D.

You Don’t Have a Customer if You Don’t Have Non-Customers

Find me a team that is having trouble with marketing and it’s a safe bet they are struggling with who their customers are and why those people should do business with them, says Jim Gray, an insightful if minimalistic blogger on all things marketing at https://grayj.co

The Allure of Incentive Travel

7 Psychological Triggers That Will Put Your Sales Goal in Reach

Few things are more frustrating for a salesperson than an invisible wall. You can have a great track record, a way with words, a dapper appearance, and a charming personality — but that will only take you so far.

Age of Unified Communications (UC) and Your CRM

Any salesperson knows how important it is for a business to have access to the right tools and the most useful data to carry out their role efficiently.

4 Ways to Enhance the Marketability of Your Degree in Business

Finance and business are probably the most popular fields of practice when it comes to education. Many people flock to universities to complete courses in finance, accounting, business administration and related fields.

The 360 brand

In my strategy workshops I often ask the seemingly simple question, “What is a brand?” The answers I get are usually focuse

Developing an Effective Sales Force in Today’s Complex Environment

“In most business models, the sales department is fixated on selling. The problem with this approach is that people no longer want to be sold.”
-- The Modern Face of Sales by Humpus Jakobbson

4 Behaviors to Embrace When Working With Consultants

Consultants can be great for business, but they can also be toxic to sales teams. Though the outcome depends on many different variables, how sales reps treat their consultants can go a long way toward ensuring a positive and successful experience.

Want to Drive Better Sales? Manage People, Not Things

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the C-suite or just promoted to your first management position. If you think you can lead through policies, bullet points and messaging, you are not going to inspire the best in your people.

3 Ways to Increase Sales in Rural Markets

You didn’t make the sale. Your pitch was great, the product is great and the customer was the ideal candidate. But something didn’t click for them.

Unlocking Success in Emerging Markets

According to McKinsey, the 15 fastest-growing emerging markets will provide 90 percent of the growth in consumption of luxury beauty products and women’s wear over the next 10 years. China will account for nearly half that growth.

When group feedback makes more sense