3 Most Effective Ways to Further Engage Your B2B Leads

Timing is important for engaging leads, but it’s only the first step. To maximize engagement, B2B companies must understand what they stand to gain and the three components of successful communications.

The Better Way to Build a Sales Team

Sales managers say it’s harder than ever to find the right people to hire. Sales leaders we spoke with offer insights on how to build a five-star team.

4 Marketing Predictions for the Enterprise in 2018

Where will you focus your time in 2018 — running marketing, or doing marketing? Here are four key predictions that will affect marketing organizations in 2018.

The No. 1 Thing Leadership Can Do to Align Marketing and Sales

In order to learn how to align marketing and sales teams, we must understand how devastating a gap between these departments can be for an organization overall.

How you manage makes a difference

Dispensing with sales manager myths
What’s your sales manager mythology?
In a recent conversation with a sales vice president, he noted that leadership is not about being engaged, it’s about the willingness to take risks. He was talking about his sales managers.

Recalling the Service Profit Chain

In the mid-1990s, three researchers created something they called the Service Profit Chain. It was featured in Harvard Business Review and later in a book, bearing the title of the concept. The foundational idea of the service profit chain was this: how you treat your employees impacts how they treat your customers.

Rocking the Boat to Drive Team Success

Knowing how to avoid conflict may be a useful skill for sales reps but works to the detriment of many sales managers. To drive progress and growth in their team, great sales managers must learn how to rock the boat when it’s required. Here are three skills that will help you feel more confident in addressing issues sooner.

Incentive Gift Cards Continue to Delight

Research from the Incentive Gift Card Council (IGCC) and the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) shows the majority of U.S. businesses — fully 61 percent — are increasingly using gift cards as a reward tool for multiple groups (channel, sales, employee and customer), and that investment in gift card rewards is both significant and growing.

The Not-So-Fab Four

You certainly can’t judge a book by its cover. On the bookstore shelf, NYU business professor Scott Galloway’s “The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google” appears to offer a reverent look at the giants of the tech industry.

3 keys to creating a truly successful sales team

Creating a truly successful sales team is a key part of elevating any organization and accelerating growth. Gaining a competitive edge often hinges on providing the right people with the right tools to optimize their chances for prospecting efficiently and closing deals.
Below are the three steps to creating a sales culture rooted in success.

Apps for more efficient meeting planning

The trendspotters at BizBash.com are always on the lookout for technology that will improve efficiency and enhance the meeting and event experience. They recently shared these new trends:

Swap out your sales kickoff for a customer kickoff

Planning the beginning-of-the-year sales kickoff is no small task. In addition to the basic logistics of selecting a destination, blocking rooms and finding meeting space, there’s an unspoken pressure to top last year’s meeting. “How can we make it bigger and better?” “What guest speakers will inspire?” “What awards will mean the most to our top performers?”

How small groups can be treated like Goliaths

It is often stated that small companies have the advantage of being more nimble and able to respond quicker to industry trends. Size can work for you and against you in business. In planning off-site meetings, smaller companies may feel it’s challenging or even impossible to get the sort of VIP treatment that larger groups with more significant budgets command.

Are your meetings experiencing growing pains?

As businesses grow, so do their meetings, both on-site and off-site. “Every organization feels meeting pains,” states Sheila Kappeler-Finn, a philanthropy consultant at Duende Consulting, LLC.

The non-techie techie

Bryan Kramer wants everyone to know that robots and humans can coexist