We’ve lost that ‘go for it’ feeling

Too much risk-taking can be dangerous, but U.S. businesses both large and small appear to be mired in a risk-averse mentality, according to leading economists.

Tips to keep your teams in top condition

What keeps leaders up at night?
You could spend a weeklong workshop answering that question. Nicole Lipkin, an executive coach and frequent media commentator on business leadership, wrote a book of the same name (AMACOM, 2013).

8 ways to insure a sales meeting will be a disaster

  1.  Publicly make a bad example of one sales rep.
  2.  Let someone humiliate one of your sales reps.
  3.  Concentrate on administrative forms and policy, etc.
  4.  Try to put on a meeting without a plan.

Let the meeting come to you

Conference rooms and commutes not required

In an era of global teams and remote workers, the loss of in-person communication may take a toll on collaboration and connectivity.

How to make meetings matter

Whether you plan a weekly sales meeting in the office or have a hand in creating the agenda for the annual, multiple-day offsite, you understand the challenge of keeping participants engaged and making meetings matter. No surprise, there is no shortage of advice in this area.

Offsite’ is not a four-letter word

Smart managers are making meetings more meaningful
Rubber chicken. Endless speeches. Budget-breaking centerpieces. Sound like an event you’ve attended? Too many corporate events don’t yield the ROI that Cassie Brown, CSEP, knows they should.

Helping sales make a good story even better

“We always knew we had a good story, we just didn’t know how to tell it.”

Short-timers need training too

How do you justify investing the time developing your inside salespeople to consider long-term sales careers when so many of them are just waiting to be promoted to their next position? Simple.

5 stages to improved negotiation skills

Since objections are a natural part of the B2B sales process, it is essential that sales professionals acquire good negotiation skills to close more deals on time that are favorable to both themselves and clients.

Being different from the competition isn’t the point

“Differentation by marketers has a long and obvious history. When you see competition, you differentiate,” blogs Seth Godin.
Buy mine, I can prove it is different.
They offer X, I offer Y.

Questioning the customer is an effective sales technique

Jim Keenan, founder of A Sales Guy consulting (asalesguy.com), believes in the challenger sales approach touted in the best-selling book of the same name (“The Challenger Sale” by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson). Keenan says there are three key areas where your reps can challenge customers:

Confusion is the wrong surprise

Surprise can be a strong sales and marketing tool. Confusion is rarely so.

There’s an avatar in the break room

How to Turn Sales Losses Into Wins