Change: the science behind successful incentives

If all commissioned salespeople have the same opportunity to make more money, why don’t they? Why doesn’t every commissioned salesperson max out his or her comp plan?

Incentive programs are not sales meetings

In order to plan any event, you have to look at the end, the objective. Planning an incentive program differs from planning other events because the objectives are different, says Joanie Miskowiec Phillips, director of purchasing and industry relations for MotivAction LLC (, a Minneapolis-based developer of performance improvement programs.

Deciding who gets rewarded can be vexing

The excitement, the energy, the photographs…Tom Gimbel is confident his employees are reenergized by the annual companywide incentive trips he rewards with.

Product Review - September/October 2015

Gift giving at the holidays is not just a way to strengthen bonds with family and friends. It can also cement business relationships. But business gifting must be done with care. These gift-giving tips from Small Business Trends ( will keep everyone merry and bright.

Customer experience tops digital marketers’ priorities

A survey of more than 2,700 marketers by Adobe Systems Inc. shows that personalization is the most important capability in regard to future marketing efforts — and for good reason: Further research reveals that on average, businesses personalizing the customer experience report a 14 percent uplift in sales.

Millennials consume content differently

Good content or good riddance

About two-thirds (67%) of B2B buyers surveyed recently by DemandGen Report ( say they are relying more on content now to support purchase decisions than they did a year ago. At the same time, almost three-quarters (74%) of the respondents said they have less time to view content now than they did a year ago, forcing them to be more selective about what they consume.

Why lips are sealed

Word of mouth is an important ally in your marketing efforts. It can help you overcome skeptical prospects and increase customers’ preference for your products more quickly and effectively than either advertising or PR. It costs little to generate, yet it reinforces customers’ commitment and strengthens their relationship with your brand.

Sales managers have to earn their wings

Being a sales manager or small business owner is a lot like being an airline pilot, says Al Davidson, founder of Strategic Sales and Marketing (, a B2B lead generation and sales management consultant.

Email that gets read

Anyone can send emails, says sales consultant Mark Hunter ( Getting prospects to readthem and then do somethingwith them is a different situation altogether. He offers these tips for increasing the likelihood of prospects reading your email and responding.

Persistence pays off...eventually

Different sales styles can be successful, but one common denominator among top sales performers is persistence.

When bad things happen to early presenters

Turning a discovery sales call into a presentation is like picking a scab – nothing good is likely to from it, but it’s too tempting for most salespeople to pass up, says Mike Weinberg, author of “New Sales Simplified.”

Are you on the same page with HR?

When was the last time you really sat down with your HR director and talked about working as a team? Not recently? Dan Perry, a principal at Sales Benchmark Index (, a sales and marketing consultancy, wrote this open letter from HR to the VP of sales:
Dear VP of Sales,

6 ways marketing supports B2B sales

Marketing VPs have long asked the puzzling but oh-so-important question: “What in the heck does sales want from us anyway?” The problem is the sales department sometimes doesn’t know what it wants — or it changes what it asks for on some seemingly random basis.