Product Review - September-October

It’s that time of year of again — time for corporate holiday gift planning. Yes, planning — is the optimal word. For too many, the word is panicking, because most people don’t actually plan their corporate gifts.

Move over, management

Inspire your troops with a ditty

Searching for that elusive means to increase results from your middle performers? How about cutting an album of inspirational songs?

A little recognition goes a long way

Thirty-five percent of workers and 30 percent of chief financial officers in an Accountemps poll cited frequent recognition of accomplishments as the most effective nonmonetary reward. Thanking people for their hard work and commitment is the key to making them feel appreciated.

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘recognition’

4 challenges for improved lead nurturing

One benefit of the bottoming out of the economy in 2008 and the subsequent slow rebound is that businesses have placed renewed emphasis on their lead management systems, which in good times are all but ignored, says Kevin Quiring, Managing Director of Sales and Customer Service, North America at Accenture.

Work time is valuable learning time

Think fast

In “Outliers,” a fascinating look at what separates high achievers from the rest of us, author Malcolm Gladwell cites a study that suggests it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to develop expert-level performance.

Who’s got 10,000 hours to spare?

MOOCs go corporate

As massive open online courses (MOOCs) storm the academic world, the discussion of their impact is ignoring what could become their most valuable application, says workplace futurist Jeanne Meister, writing on The new learning style’s most important legacy could be its impact on the world of corporate training, which is a $150 billion industry.

What’s free on the Internet may cost you

I’m disturbed by the increasing amount of misinformation that’s available on the Internet around the subject of business-to-business selling. I’m not suggesting

Lead from outside of your glass house

Sales managers complain that their salespeople don’t read, don’t study and don’t work on improving themselves as sales professionals. It’s valid criticism, says S. Anthony Iannarino, President of Solutions Staffing and a regular blogger at Iannarino offers three ways that managers can help change their sales force.

Shaping skills into sales

The term “coach up” has become trendy in athletic circles, as in, “We’ve got some kids with raw skills, now we just have to coach them up.”

Content can create buzz about your event

Events and content marketing are a natural pair, since content creation and promotion can help you make the most of the time and effort that goes into producing an event. Event content —  blog posts, social media updates, email marketing, etc. — should start well before your event begins.

Do what scares you the most

A blog post by Dan Waldschmidt
Make the call you’re afraid to make.
Spend the money you’re afraid to spend.