Gamification builds better salespeople

Rewarding results is a game that safety program managers abandoned long ago. A safety program that rewards people for not having accidents leads to unwanted, even unscrupulous results without actually changing the behavior that would lead to improved safety. In other words, people tend to hide their accidents in order to earn their reward.

The ever-shrinking sales presentation

Television revolutionized the way marketers reached consumers and, subsequently, how salespeople sold. Personal computers fostered interactivity and increased sales and marketing applications for the B2B world.

Show your personality in your blog

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Trade show radio

Some of the most intelligent online rants and discussions on sales and marketing topics occur at consultant Todd Youngblood’s Recently, Youngblood blogged about expectations and reality of trade show marketing. He gave us approval to share it with you.
Expectations vs. Reality

Why the boss shouldn’t run meetings

The most senior person in attendance definitely should not run a work session. As a matter of fact, if there is more than one person in the room who knows how to facilitate, the task should go to the most junior. This frees up the greatest number of senior personnel to contribute to content.

Only you — and your team — can prevent pointless meetings

Editor’s Note: Sales and marketing teams devote countless hours in group sessions to “innovating” and all that word encompasses.

Good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, managers matter

Do bosses matter?
Managers don’t rise through the ranks if they lack conviction and a sense of importance, but even the best ask themselves that question at some point.

Blowing the whistle on ineffective training

One of the most common complaints that sales trainers get from both salespeople and companies is that sales training in any form, whether via book, workshop, seminar or online course, has little or no impact for most of the men and

Two essential character traits for today’s selling environment

In today’s slower economy, the tension between a salesperson’s need to close a sale and the customer’s concern over buying the best product at the best price is more pronounced than ever.

What's Your Value?

We talk a lot in these pages and online at about improving the performance of others — coaching individuals up so they are more valuable to the larger goal.

Bulova’s Precisionist Watch Winner

From the Precisionist Champlain Collection.

Know when to walk away from a sale

Far too often, salespeople chase a low-value lead that will never pan out. Or they continue negotiating with a prospect whose primary concern is winning and paying the absolute lowest price.

Clarifying questions

People who had been “job-matched” in the first six months with appropriate sales positions outperformed, to a statistically significant degree, those who had not been job-matched. Moreover, the differences widened after 14 months. Finally, the turnover rates of job-matched individuals were much lower in all cases.


I know that seems mundane to many of you, but I feel a little more grown up. A little more professional. A little more empowered.

You see, when it comes to cell phones, I have obstinately been a Luddite, clinging to my circa-2006 flip phone while my kids upgraded and then upgraded again to paperback-sized smartphones with HD screens and cameras that outperform most SLRs.

Sales Training Without Accountability Is Pointless

Sales training is great. Many of the hundreds of companies that provide sales training do a great job. Their content is dynamic. Their speakers are inspiring. And their track record is impeccable. Their sales training teaches valuable skills and produces immediate results.

Unfortunately, 30 days after the training, very little behavior has changed.