When to hit send

There is never a good time to send bad marketing emails, and there is no “witching hour” to send good marketing emails, states marketing strategist Paul Talbot in an article penned for Forbes.com.

AI expectations are high

While more than 90 percent of respondents to a survey from InsideSales.com say they expect artificial intelligence (AI) to improve sales performance, the same study indicates that only 30 percent currently use AI in their sales process.

4 paths to increased profits

A CSO Insights report shows that revenue is up, but sales performance is not. That’s a business model that is not sustainable.

There’s no one way

One of the benefits of this job is that I get to talk with super-smart people who have amazing insights. For example, my reporting for this issue included long discussions with best-selling author Jeffrey Gitomer and Basecamp co-founder David Heinemeier Hansson. Both have new books out.

4 Steps to Crafting Compelling Value Propositions

Strong value proposition is essential in today's competitive marketplace. This four-step process can get you where you need to be.

Empowering B2B Sellers Through Sales Technology

Equipping direct and indirect sellers with a robust sales enablement platform provides a myriad of benefits to B2B companies. Start by following these 5 steps and see how it can empower your sales representatives and increase revenue.

Make Your Sales Force Your Loyalty Program

In research across a broad spectrum of business-to-business companies, we consistently find the most important factor that builds a strong, loyalty-based relationship between a customer and a company is superb account management by their sales representative.

Conversation marketing hacks

Nobody starts out automatically caring about your products or services. They care about how you can make a difference in their lives.

How to Adapt to the Well-Educated Modern Buyer

The average B2B customer carries the sum of all human knowledge in their pocket on their smartphones. That means the new reality of sales must rely on marketing more than ever before.

The Skills Sales Leaders Need to Hire Now to Profit in the Future

What you should be hiring for now in order to build a future-proof sales team.

5 Changes to Your Office Environment That Can Boost Sales Effectiveness

Even the best sales team needs the right environment to thrive in. A recent study on happiness in the workplace revealed interesting insights on how office environments are affecting the comfort and productivity of employees.

The 5 Metrics That Should Matter Most to Sales Managers

As a sales manager, you spend serious time and care setting clear expectations; this is how you help your salespeople approach their work with purpose. But to see real improvement, you need a system in place that measures how those expectations are being met.

If You’re Not Scraping Data, You’re Losing Revenue

It's not a new concept, but few sales teams understand the full power of data scraping. What sales leader wouldn't want to wave a wand and instantly find good-fit companies with interested buyers?

Unleashing the Power of Frontline Sales Management, Part 3: Institutionalizing Sales Management

High-growth companies do these seven things to create a great sales management engine that drives sustainable, long-term growth.

10 Content Marketing Methods B2B Marketers Use to Care for Their Audience

Good, product-agnostic content establishes you as a source of authority in your industry and changes your audience’s perception of your business. Here are 10 content marketing methods you need to start relying on today if you are a B2B marketer.