Channeling your inner caveman

Viral video isn’t just for water-skiing squirrels

One Saturday morning in June 2006, Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe posted a three-minute video online showing the two of them dropping 500 Mentos mints into 100 bottles of Diet Coke creating, in their words, “a miniature Bellagio fountain show.”

Crisis of Faith

We’re more creative when we get together

There’s no arguing that technological advancements have enhanced business communication, increased productivity and provided a plethora of options for everything from sales meetings to product demonstrations to real-time training.

The Four Most Important Words in Sales

In sales, these four words most often will determine whether or not you deliver excellence and in doing so, close the sale:

4 Ideas to Get More from Your Partner Sales Channels

When you think about the word “partner” in your channel sales strategy, you may not necessarily conjure up images of close-knit teams like Bonnie and Clyde, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or any of the Ocean’s Eleven gang. Businesses recognize that partnerships are important, but there are a few key reasons they often get neglected.

The Hottest Path to Profits

The Gospel according to Bob

Wise bosses

Top Performers - March - April

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A camera for your high-flyers

Product Review - March-April

“What Recession?” screamed the Wall Street Journal headline earlier this year on a story reporting Americans’ renewed craving for luxury goods. “While all eyes have been focused on luxury-goods growth in China, another market has quietly been bolstering the business of high-end goods purveyors: The U.S.,” the story stated.

A humble leader can remain fully in charge

Too often, leaders view humility as a sign of weakness. They fail to understand that the humble leader is one who can open the door to improved levels of followership. Leaders who value humility are the ones other people want to follow.
John Baldoni author of “Lead Your Boss: The Subtle Art of Managing Up”

Find your motivated capabilities

Brilliance comes only from exploiting your strengths. When leaders step out of their comfort zones to take on new challenges, they often discover capabilities they did not know they had. Being motivated by something you are not good at will not enable you to succeed as a leader, nor will pursuing leadership roles that do not motivate you.

Invite disturbing truths

People in power and organizations that are functioning at scale rarely seek to discover truths that disturb their status quo.
Artists never stop looking for the disturbing truth behind the façade. When reality arrives, they won’t be surprised, because they saw it coming. Sometimes they even encouraged it to come.
If not enough people doubt you, you’re not making a difference.