Better Conversations Will Produce a Better 2013

After two decades in sales and as a sales executive, plus an additional three years of heavy research into sales performance development and growth, I have found the most effective way to truly improve and sustain sales performance is to improve sales conversations. The way to improve conversations is to improve the responses salespeople provide for any given question or situation.

5 Key Elements of a Killer Mobile Sales Application

To make the most of your tablet investment, focus on the device’s unique capabilities. The following five tips will help you improve the productivity and effectiveness of your salespeople while distinguishing the buying experience in the eyes of your customers.

Make CRM user-friendly.

Sales and Marketing: Partner or Perish

Sales and marketing have a strong relationship. We rely on each other. We need each other.

However, Romeo and Juliet we are not.

But Romeo and Juliet we must become because our mandate is clear: partner or perish.

Here are two points that show the chasm that has long plagued marketing and sales (GoldMine blog):

Tis the Season for B2B Gifting

Every year, there is a last-minute scramble as businesses try to figure out a unique holiday gift for clients, partners and employees. And every year, holiday corporate gift giving produces some pretty wacky gifts. According to a recent survey of our Tango Card clients, folks reported receiving a ham, a lamp (“the world’s ugliest”), even a car wash and wax package as holiday gifts. Not exactly the types of gifts high on a customer’s (let alone anyone’s) wish list.

3 Steps to Fully Optimized B2B Prospect Development

B2B prospect development – the combination of lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing and lead hand-off to sales – is a critical element that many marketing and sales teams are failing.   

Higher Education

CMO to CIO: “I want to friend you”

Know What You Need

We Have a Winner!

Will the iPad Kill PowerPoint?

12 Things Salespeople Would Like To Tell Their Managers

In our November/December print issue, sales trainer Mark Hunter shared six things that salespeople would like to tell their manager. Here are those six and six more.

4 Fixes for Lackluster Leads

The battle for the success of your company is all about revenue, and it is being lost. Every day, I talk with executives who report revenue is coming up short, being left on the table and can’t be sustained. Profits are lost early in the sales cycle and at the close. Numbers are not being made despite much effort and huge investment. Why?

The social media conversation

The boardroom discussion with your boss, aka ‘ROI Guy.’   By Scott Stratten
You: I’d like to spend some time replying to customers on social media.

Top Performers - November/December

An assortment of new incentive ideas and marketing tools from our advertisers
Nikon COOLPIX S800c

Product Review - November/December

There’s still time left — not much, mind you — to show your appreciation to your top performers and key customers.
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