A cure for the common cold call

News flash: prospects hate taking cold calls as much as sales reps hate making them. There’s got to be a better way to generate sales leads. Tom Searcy (huntingbigsales.com) says opt for these alternatives:

Resting easier

Good sales leaders don’t need the reality of a bad quarter or a string of bad quarters to know when something is amiss. They sense it before the numbers tell the story for them.

The sweet science that leads to sales success

If you’re business as usual, a lot of the methodologies and training that worked in sales 10 years ago just aren’t enough today. The position of sales is more demanding, you need to be more sophisticated, and analytics can help drive that. But this is an incredible time to be in sales.

Old school tools aren’t ready for the museum

The advent of social media marketing has corporate America tweeting, making YouTube videos and monitoring discussions online. Does anyone have time anymore to write up a press release?

Building respect in an age of truthiness

140 or less: B2B Marketing In the Age of Social Media

Corporations are people, my friend,” presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney famously replied during an Iowa State Fair appearance last summer. The former Massachusetts governor was responding off the cuff to people in the crowd who had shouted about the need for higher taxes on corporations.

Want sales training to work? Get the right people on your team

 It makes little sense to spend the time and money training and developing your sales team when the people in whom you are investing do not have the capability for sustainable improvement.

Top Performers - May/June

Too many businesses are missing great opportunities

As digital commerce becomes increasingly important, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have more opportunities then ever to market themselves and help them grow online. But the numbers suggest that it just isn’t happening.

Benefits of building strong brands

LinkedIn scores highest visitor-to-lead conversion

In a study of 3,128 B2B companies, LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.6 percent, four times higher than Twitter (0.67 percent) and seven times better than Facebook (0.39 percent), according to HubSpot, an inbound marketing specialist.

What’s an App Cost?

AppMuse is a marketing services company that’s in the business of hooking up those who have an idea for an app with those who can develop it. The question they hear more than any other: What’s it gonna’ cost?

Lessons on leading those less boisterous

The sales world is overpopulated with extroverts. In fact, a knack for talking is what steered a lot of sales reps into their profession. But every now and then, an introvert sneaks into the ranks.

Prove the value of events or you’ll lose them

An increasing number of business-to-business companies have recently developed seminars, trade shows or other offsite events within their industry as a new revenue stream.